Wednesday, December 11, 2013

54-55-56 Wks Post Op!

 I have great news! Well it came over the weekend with unofficial weigh ins but Today is Weigh in Wed and I can now celebrate woo hooo!!!

I am finally out of the 170's and I cant believe it took 12 wks to do it haha. This journey never stops surprising me I tell ya. 

Thanksgiving with Isaacs family was great! I didnt do to bad in the eating department or even the drinking, yes I do drink on occasion and dont think that will change. 

We are in full swing with Christmas here at the Schuette- Welch house hold, we have our decorations up and Presents under the tree hehe :)

I just recently found out there there is a support group on Facebook for people in my area and I am very excited to get to know some of the ladies in the group.

Here are some pics from the last few wks. I hope everyone is doing well... 

Our Christmas Tree 2013

2012 vs 2013 Thanksgiving!

Greatest in laws ever! <3