Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 1st set of Holidays after being Sleeved and being able to eat like a normal person!

I have survived my 1st Holidays of being Sleeved and being able to eat like a "normal" person!  Last year I was sleeved a wk before Thanksgiving and was only able to eat full liquids on Thanksgiving. On Christmas I was almost back to normal food, but still making sure it was soft and semi mush.

This year's was whole different story. LOL I am now almost 14 months post op and I can definitely eat whatever I want in much smaller portions of course except the things I/we shouldn't really eat like cookies, candies and all the good things that come with the holidays. I am happy to say that I survived! I am not happy I gained weight over the holidays, but I am happy it is coming back off. 

Before the holidays I was 167.6 on Dec 11. and Jan 02. I was 172.2,  so I gained 4.6 lbs according to the scale. And I felt like I did too.

I am happy to report I am back down to 169.6 at today's weigh in and I am back on track with my water intake and my logging of meals and taking my vitamins. I totally went MIA for a while and I am sorry for that, I am the one who suffers when I do it not anyone else. I hope that it doesn't happen again any time soon!

I am 6 days way from my 14 month post op surgiversary. My eating is normal, I still dont like or care for milk or ice-cream. My pants are around a size 10-12 still wear my Old Navy 12s, but a Gap size 10 skinny jean fit. I have yet to buy a size 10 pant. I am in a 13 in most juniors jeans and pants. I can fit 95% of ladies Medium sized tops. and L-XL in Juniors tops. 

On Christmas Morning while I was opening presents, I swear every box I opened that had a piece of clothing in it I would hold it up and go ahhh I dunno if this will fit.. and on to the next.. ahhh I dunno if this will fit. All the sweaters Isaac  and my parents got me were a size Med. when I tried them on they all fit like a glove it was great!

A Few of my new size Med. Items hehe :)

With the New Year in full swing now I have started the 1st 30 Day Challenge of the year. 

Its a 30 day arm challenge. 

And I am a week or so away from registering for my 1st 5k of 2014, but its not til June .The Electric Run, I am sure I will do more before June, but registration opened up this wk for this run! 

My New years resolution is to finally get to goal  of 130 lbs  my goal 150 lbs - drs goal! and to run at least 4- 5k's which will double last years!

Here's to making all of your Dreams come true!

This is what dreams coming true looks like!