Wednesday, December 11, 2013

54-55-56 Wks Post Op!

 I have great news! Well it came over the weekend with unofficial weigh ins but Today is Weigh in Wed and I can now celebrate woo hooo!!!

I am finally out of the 170's and I cant believe it took 12 wks to do it haha. This journey never stops surprising me I tell ya. 

Thanksgiving with Isaacs family was great! I didnt do to bad in the eating department or even the drinking, yes I do drink on occasion and dont think that will change. 

We are in full swing with Christmas here at the Schuette- Welch house hold, we have our decorations up and Presents under the tree hehe :)

I just recently found out there there is a support group on Facebook for people in my area and I am very excited to get to know some of the ladies in the group.

Here are some pics from the last few wks. I hope everyone is doing well... 

Our Christmas Tree 2013

2012 vs 2013 Thanksgiving!

Greatest in laws ever! <3

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

53 wks Post Op!

I can finally say I am 1 year Post Op!! Woo hoo.... Who would have thought that it would be so exciting hehe. I guess a year ago or a year and a half ago I would have never imagined anything that has happened to happen. I hoped that a lot of what has happened would, but I didn't know how or when or why it would.  Well ya I do know why, my hard work and dedication is why! One thing I dont get or understand why is this....

I just updated my Weight Loss ticker and I've gone from:
A BMI of 58.4! to a 32.5 now... at this BMI and my height I am still considered obese. Are you kidding me? How? How is that even possible I have a lot of hatred towards the BMI chart and system and I do not believe it to be accurate. I have gone from 309 lbs to 172 as of today and I am still obese. I feel like I am a brand new person and that I am so much healthier and happier that this BMI chart can kiss my A$$! I know you all will say that this BMI chart shouldn't matter and I shouldn't pay much attention to it. I should go with how I feel and what weight I am happy with. I honestly never thought when I started this journey that I would be one to obsess over a number on the scale, but now that I can actually see a number on the scale it matters. I do not want to be labeled as obese or over weight and I think I feel and look 100x's better than I used too.

Surgery Day 11-14-12 and 1 year later. Bottom is 1 wk before surgery and 1 year later.

Today while I was changing out of my work clothes I noticed  a new part of my body my stomach and its changing its looking different finally... I dont know if its a flux or if the ab challenge I have been doing for 20 days is working. but I can notice maybe some definition trying to show up. Now dont get me wrong I still hate every single part of my stomach from the ugly apron to the god awful muffin top LOL. My body was fast to drop most of this weight but now it is really up to me to define the parts of me that I am horrified with.

After seeing the dietitian I have been trying to hardest to get in 20 grams of protein per meal and its going great. I have been eating one greek yogurt with 3/4 cup kashi go lean cereal thrown in and its 208 cals and 20g of protein and keeps me full for a few hrs.

I am still trying new recipes and trying to stick to healthier ones.

Thanksgiving is a wk away and last year I was 1 wk post op Thanksgiving wk. and I didnt get to enjoy much I will prob always remember what I had that day for dinner while everyone pigged out. I have 4 oz cranberry juice 4oz 2% milk and 4oz of creamy potato soup. hehe.This year I am sure it will be different. Although I will be in my home away from home state Wisconsin with Isaac and his family I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving traditions again!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Give thanks 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post Op Wk 52! 1 yr surgiversary!!!!

Yesterday marked wk 52 and today marks my 1 year Surgiversary!! I am beyond excited and happy that it has been a year. With so much that has happened and changed its amazing!!! This past year has been wonderful! 

Here are some stats

  • Started this journey at 306lbs gains 3lbs (making me 309 lbs my heaviest weight ever) during my 2nd month of 6 month supervised diet and exercise program needed per insurance.
  • Surgery was approved in Sept 2012, surgery date got scheduled for Nov 14, 2012
  • On Nov 14, 2012 I woke up weighing 272.6
  • On Nov 14, 2013 I woke up weighing 173.0 99.6 lbs lost in one year.
  • Ive lost 13.5'' off my waist
  • Ive lost 19.5'' off my hips
  • Ive lost 14.75'' off my chest
  • Ive lost 6.25'' off my right arm
  • Ive lost 5.25'' off my left arm
  • Ive lost 7.5'' off my right thigh
  • Ive lost 6.45'' off my left thigh
  • Ive lost 2" off my right calf
  • Ive lost 3,25" off my left calf
That is a total of 78.45" lost off my body which is equal to 6.5FT!
  • I went from a size 26 Jean to size 11-12 
  • Size 3-4x shirt to M.L or Xl large in Juniors.
  • 48DDD Bra to 34-36DD Bra
  • I have become a runner and Ive ran 2 5k's
  • I can eat about 1 cup to 1.5 cups of food and be happy!
  • I cant eat icecream. it makes me sick
  • I lost a few ring sizes 8.5 to about a 6.75.
Here are some pictures:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Post Op Wk 49-50-51!!

I have lost track of blogging. I dunno why maybe because my schedule keeps changing with work and I have no idea if im coming or going half the time LOL.
I was 174.4 wk 49, 175, wk 50, and This wk 51 I was 176! Ahh I am trying my hardest to get out of the 170's I did see 172 on the scale a few Saturdays ago but that was short lived.
I started back at the gym this wk and I dont know why I ever stop going because I love it there. I managed to get one of my bffs Irene to come and be my gym partner. She has  goal to achieve by Christmas and so do I. I am glad that I am able to help her make these goals achievable.I would like to be down to 165 by Christmas, its an 11 lb loss from what I am at right now. I think its really doable, but I shall see.
Another new fitness tool I am using is my fitbit one. I am totally addicted to it and feel so lost without it. hehe. I love that it tracks all my steps, calories burned, steps climbed, and even my sleep patterns if I would wear it to sleep. It is also very cool that I can sync it with myfitness pal which I used daily.
Today is Nov 7th, and I have my 1 yr post op appt this afternoon. I am very excited to see Dr Ben Meir. I havent seen him since my 6 mon post op appt. He left the office I was at and opened his own. I managed to find out where he went and followed him. The new surgeon who took over for him is very nice and friendly but its just not the same. Seeing a dr who doesnt know me and what I went through during surgery was just odd to me.
7 Days from now will be my 1 yr Surgiversay! CRAZY!! 1 YEAR already!! I am in awe of how far I have come in this one yr. Surgery Day Nov-14-2012 I was 272 lbs. and now I am almost 100lbs lighter and went from a size 26 jeans to a 12! and a 3-4x to a Med/Lar top in woman's, and an xl in Juniors tops. I can even wear some M-L pants n shorts from Wal-mart.
I am able to eat normal again I think. Still alot smaller portions than a yr ago but its become normal. 1 cup of food at a time is about good enough to fill me up. I often catch myself forgetting to wait to drink 1 hr after I have eaten and I find myself getting hungry sooner. I am trying to watch the clock more to make sure I am waiting. I think it makes a huge difference.
So heres to my 1 yr appt today and 1 yr Surgiversary next Thursday!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wk 47 and 48 Post Op!!

Last wk wasnt a great wk with weigh in gained 2.4 lbs  was 176.6 was back up to 179.0. Dunno what happened or what went wrong, maybe my body is still adjusting with all that is going on and trying to find balance. 

This wk I weighed in at 176.2 not to shabby almost a 3 lbs lost from last wk. I have been walking or running all wk. I had my 30th birthday this past Saturday and I had a great time with everyone who came and supported my turning of age haha.  Here is a great photo of me at 28 29 and 30 yrs old.

I cant believe the changes I see in all three pics. I am so proud of myself and all that I have done. I am 336 days of being sleeved almost at my 1 yr surgiversary!

I finally got a fitbit one for my birthday from my love Isaac. I love this lil thing had no idea this lil guy my fitbit could hold me so accountable. I am at a goal of 10,000 steps a day and I feel bad if I dont get to 10,000 two days in a row I have be able to so thats a plus! I just hope I can keep it up!.

I have a goal of being 165 by Dec 20th  know it doesnt seem hard to do but very time  I set a goal I stall or bounce around. SO I am determined to see 165 by then. I still havent sen 172 which is what I need to reach to get my tattoo I have planned!

Here are some pics of my 30th Birthday Sat oct 12.

My fitbit one!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Post Op wk 46!!!

One month and 12 days away from my 1 year surgiversary! I am almost in shock that this much time has flown by with out me even being on a plane.  Weight Loss is slow now, but so is activity.  I was 178 lbs last wk and this wk 176.7 lbs!

I am still focused on my running, but I don't get to the gym hardly as all like I was months ago. schedule at work has been going up in down and all around so running is just easier. I want to get back to the gym on concentrate on weight training, but not sure if I should wait til I am closer to one of the weight goals I have set or if its okay to do that now.

I have my second 5k this Saturday, at Crocker Park in Cleveland its "Roc the Croc" Help Fight Childhood Cancer. I am excited for this cause, and hope I or anyone I know never has to go through this.

Ended up finding me a running jacket that I love and it def keeps me warm lol, and go new running shoes that made me shins sore! Great!! haha

My Birthday is in 10 days!! Party Bus'n it up!

Mine and Isaacs 4 yr anniversary of dating is in 29 days, we are going way from the weekend to a cabin in Hocking Hills Ohio! Cant wait!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Post Op wk 45!!!

I dont know what to say or where to begin. I feel like I am stuck for some reason. I dont know if its cus I am not going to the gym thats making me feel this way or what, but the weight isnt moving like I want it to anymore.I was wondering if I should go back to the basics of eating like my 1st few wks of post op. That maybe Im sneaking in old habits when Im not paying attention. Or Not getting enough water. Not sure what to do. I have my 1 yr appt coming up in a month and a half and I feel like Im not far enough along. I must be crazy.

Weight loss this wk was -.2 lbs. Not a gain so I am happy, but still disappointed. I am going to up my calories to maybe 900 from 700 usual and see if that helps. Who knows.

Saturday Sept 21 was a cold n rainy day. I went to bed hoping that the rain would stop by the time the alarm went off at 5 am, but to no a vale it did not. So I got up showered and dressed, made sure the girls were up and we got ready. It was all of our 1st 5k's. It was such an exciting morning. We drove down to Willoughby Hills and parked the car. At the stage they were doing warm up zumba and we were goofin around and warming up.Then we got in line to be in the first wave of runners. I caught a fanny pack and a rubber bracelet from the announcer at the start of the race. It rained the whole time, but I didnt let it stop me from enjoying my 1st 5k. I took off with my friends by my side and slowly started to get a head of them. I did this race for me and I wasnt going to slow down for anyone. I slowed for water and towards the end I slowed to make sure I could still see the girls behind me. When I saw them I kept on running. Once I was through the last color and down the road I could see the finish line. I took off like a bat out of hell and booked it to the finish line so fast that Isaac and Dad couldnt see me coming haha.

I was so happy that Isaac and my dad, the two men in my life that mean the most to me were there at the Start of the race and at the Finish! I love them both soo much!

I am proud of myself for doing this for ME and completing it and in good time. Already have my next race picked out Sat Oct 5th RoctheCroc at Crocker Park in Westlake, to help fight childhood cancer!

Here are some great photos from the Color Run!

Start of the Race!

Isaac and I

Dad and I

Me and the Girls!

Before n After 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Post Op Wk 44!!

Good am everyone!! This is Post Op wk 44 for me! I just had my 10 month Post op Surgiversary! I cannot believe that I am 2 months away from 1 yr out! I have accomplished so much in the past yr and half.  There are some updated pics in the picture tab of my 10 month progress. Weight Loss has slowed down quite a bit. Frustrating to say the least, but I am still making every attempt possible to keep it going.

I have been switched to 1st shift the last wk and a half and I have adjusted pretty well I think. I am still getting in my 3 meals a day, and 3 runs a wk along with the Squat Challenge that’s about half way over with.

I am 3 days way from running my 1st ever 5K Saturday, I am pretty excited. I have some awesome ladies running with me and some awesome supporters that are going to be waiting for me at the finish line. And what a better way to celebrate my 1st 5K than to go see Ralphie May Saturday evening.

I am still struggling to get in my fluids mostly water, so I am going to try to do the ½ your body weight in oz of water you should drink a day, so if I am at 178/2= 89 fluid oz of water I should be drinking a day! I will try and do this as much as I am.

As for weight loss this wk I did pretty good, managed a 2.6 loss. I am happy with that and would be happier if I could get to lower 170’s .

Check my pics tab and pounds gone forever tab for updates!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Post Op Wk 43!!!

No much to update here this wk I am bouncing around the same few lbs back and forth which is quiet annoying. Haven't been able to get away from 179-180 in about 3 wks now. I'm wondering if its because of the squat challenge that I have been building the muscles in my legs and I am not losing lbs because of that. I am up to 110 squats and holding weights in my hands as I go down and back up with the squat. Seems to be feeling pretty good while I do that so I am happy.

Also my work hours switched this wk from nights to days, that could also be a reason why not movement in scale this wk too. And I have horrible allergies and boogies going on in my head on top of it all hehe.

The excitement is building as the time drifts down to a week and half til my first ever 5K run! I am super nervous and super excited I can wait to get 1 run under my belt hehe

And only a month away til I turn 30! I still cant believe that I am going to be 30! What what!

Okay thats all I got for now... Happy Fitness week to all!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

42 Wks Post-Op!

September is here I am 10 days way from 10 months Post-Op! Wow almost to my 1 year surgiversary! Crazy how fast time has flown by. I am hoping that these next few months are little better with weight loss than the past few wks. I seem to keep steady for a few wks then drop about 10 lbs over a few wks then hold steady again.. Its quite annoying to see. Last wk I was 179.8 this wk I was 179.6

I have a few things to look forward to that are coming up soon. I registered for MY FIRST 5K! My C25K training will be over with this wk I have two more days of it. I cant believe how fast that time went by. I am so proud of the fact that I stuck it out and am going to finish it! I will be running the the Cleveland Color Run 5k on September 21st. with 3 of the greatest girls. I cant wait! I already know I will cry when I cross the finish line haha. I will have 2 wks after training is finished to help improve my run time, so we shall see if I can.

Plans are in the making for my 30th Birthday thats coming up Oct 12. I am excited to see how that evening goes and cant wait for it to get here, so I can celebrate with some of my closest family and friends.

I dont have much else to report... Oh the squat challenge has started and is under way, we are on the first rest day after 3 days of squats. 50-55-60 squats done! Today is a rest day and its a I needed rest day, these squats are no joke. Tomorrow will be the start of the next 3 days of squats at 70 for the day!
We just got to remember to...

I am hoping that I can make it through all 30 days so far so good, I am addicted to the feeling of sore muscles hehehe.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

41 Wks Post Op!

What can I say.... I am constantly reminded that I am on a journey here. LOL Every Month, Every Week, even Every Day. I am reminded the minute heck that second I take that one bite that was just to much. I instant I eat to fast, and food get stuck. Or the light headedness I get if I know I am getting low on fluids and need to kick it up a bit on the water front.

Although these reminders sound harsh and not pleasant the one reminder that kills me every time is the Scale!! That dreaded Scale is a B#$^%! haha I totally cant even call her yes its a her, something nice! Its seems like every time I set a goal for myself to meet and have a plan to do something special for myself when that goal is met, she wants to rebel Haha I think its more of my body rebelling. But Its so True. Take for example last Wed weight 179.0 awesome! then Sunday 182.8... WHAT?1? Almost a 4 lbs gain! Same on Monday.... Then today I weigh in for Wed Weigh in and its back in the 179's, 179.8! .8 lb gain is way better than 4lb. But and I know I should not weigh Everyday and I dont. I only do that if I know the scale is showing a gain or odd #'s.

I like being held accountable for my goals and my actions. So I have set up an Event on Facebook for the month of September "30 Day Squat Challenge". I have quite a few friends who are going to be doing it with me "So they say" hehe I am beyond excited to do this and if all goes well I will post monthly ones after this a different 30 Day Challenge each month! I have made Fitness #1 and I want to be able to let others know that it is fun and not as hard as we all think or once thought.

If you are interested in doing the Challenge too here is the one we are going to be following


Since last wk I hit a nice round goal of losing 130lbs I went with one of my great friends and I got, Now this is a horrible picture and had just finished my run in the rain haha, but it shows you that I got my nose re-pierced and I love it, cant wait to change it out to a smaller stud, but I love it.

Every picture I take every new one I see. I still can not believe that is me! I have been sending Isaac some pictures of me and Zoey since he is out of town and he mentioned to me that I look so different in each picture I said different how, good or bad and he said "Skinny" haha gotta love that man! He's such a keeper!
For weight update check out the Pounds tab at top of the page!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

40wks Post Op!

Hello wk 40! It was a nice week I shall say, this weekend Isaac and I went and spent Saturday in Little Italy in Cleveland for the Feast of Assumption and had lil bit of Italian! mmm Meatballs! hehe well Meatball the one I had was so big I could only eat the one!

Here is the "MEATBALL" lol funny thing is when I see this picture I dont see the food in the picture I see my LAP, I actually have a lap now, it had been hiding under my enormous stomach for so many years that I have no idea what it looked like to have a lap. I cry looking at this picture and actually see that 130lbs of me is gone and I look small and feel great.
On the fitness front I am in the middle of WK7 of C25K out of 9wks and I am running at 25 mins straight. Its a killer!! I do need to take a few short stops usually after I get done with the first mile, then I get going again. I am doing better and am loving it. I will be sad when the program is over with. But I plan to go back into the gym after I finish the training. I miss my gym time, but I do however love the training. I will keep up my running as part of my cardio at them gym and get back to weigh training. And start to really tone.
Here is the am I am using.
I am 49lbs away from my personal goal as of today! I am aiming for 130! Dr seems to think its a rather hard goal to reach... not sure I believe him. We shall see. His goal was 150-155 with I am 24-29lbs away from that goal. I am in aw of the numbers when I really sit down and look at them starting at 309 and saying I have a goal of wanting to lose 179lbs! I never thought it would be possible. Getting out of the 300's was nice, getting to the 200's was even nicer, leaving the 200's in the dust and being at 170's is amazing I can only imagine how I will feel in another few months.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

39 wks Post Op: 9 Month Surgiversary!

Well Well Well, its been 9 months so far and I couldn't be happier. I am in a small state of shock that it has been 9 months already, I could of had a baby in the time it has taken me to lose the first 90 lbs. I am glad that I haven't had a baby yet. I in no way wanted to experience having a baby at 309 lbs or even 272 lbs. I wasn't happy then and my body wasn't prepared to care for a growing new life. I am at a place in my life right now that is so much better than 9 months ago.

I couldn't have imagined what having WLS would have done for me. I am doing the things I would have never thought possible before. WLS saved my life. Its not the easy way out as outsiders like to think, and those who having don't the research it takes to live life with WLS. I do have to watch what I eat every time I put something in my mouth, I cant eat sweet foods of fear of dumping and getting sick. I have to me extremely careful when I drink now, because of side effects of drinking are so much stronger. I need to drink plenty of fluids because dehydration is always around the corner. I also exercise 4-5 times a week to make sure that the weight still comes off. I love exercising my new found love that I was sure I would love if ever able to accomplish it and that is RUNNING!
I love Running I love how freeing it is on your mind and your body. I am using the C25K Program to train to run a 5k but I am also using it to learn how to run and prepare myself for running as a daily activity. I am almost finished with W6. 

This past weekend I had one of the greatest NSVs to date! I crossed off Riding the ride at an amusement park  from my bucket list. Saturday Aug 10th. Isaac had taken me to Cedar Point to finally ride the roller coasters that I hadnt been able to ride on since I was in high school and my weight climbed to 309lbs. I decided to ride the oldest roller coaster in the park first the Blue Streak, we got in line and waited about 15 mins to finally step up to the platform and board the coaster. When I step on to the cart I pulled the seat belt up from the seat sat down with room to spare buckled the belt with no problems and pulled the lab bar down over my lap. I has so much extra room I was getting ton of air under my butt when on the ride hehe

Isaac & I waiting in line to get on the Blue Streak

Me right after riding the Blue Streak as soon as I got off the ride I cried

I did not know thats what my reaction was going to be like after riding for the first time but it was amazing! I am so glad I had Isaac next to me on my first roller coaster after losing 127 lbs. I cant wait to go again!

Ok here are some Stats so far in the 9 months since surgery!!

Weight: 272- 182 90 lbs gone almost at the 100 mark again!
Pants size 26-12
Shirt size Large, XL(juniors)
Ring size 8.25- 6.5
Bra size 48 DDD- 34H
Running 10mins at a time straight thru.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Post Op Wk 38

Another great week for fitness! I am and always have love seeing the scale move down hehe its just lets me know that what i am doing its working, its a visual thing. I love love love seeing the clothes get looser and going down in size, but for me seeing the numbers on the scale go down its what its really all about for me. For so long I hated the scale and never turned it on. I was afraid of what it would say. I was afraid that at the weight I knew I was at I would cause a big E on the scale and that meaning I weighed to much to be weighed on that scale. I feared that the only scale that I would ever we able to get weighed on was a freight scale. I am beyond excited that, that day never came. I was able and am able to make it possible to never see that day EVER come!!

Yesterday  was the first day since my first few days Post Op that I didnt feel like eating I ate because I knew I had to but It just didnt want too! I ate 1.4 cup of Grape nuts, with lil bit of milk, a Chocolate Banana Protein shake blended with Ice, and tuna salad on a sandwich thin totaling 575 calories. Not much at all. Its important to eat even when our bodies say they dont want to and dont feel lke it. We need the food a fuel. Fuel to keep on going for the day and to fuel our weight loss.

I had a great weight loss weight this week.... I weighted in at....

I still cant believe that when I get on the scale there isnt a 3 in front of that 8 or a 2 in front of it. Its truly mind blowing. Back in Sept I wrote about having my bucket list of things I havent been able to do in years and years... Since the start of my WLS Journey I have been able to cross of a few of these items crossed off are:
  • Join a gym & stick with going! I love going to my gym and I still go, but since training i've slacked off a little with the gym but I am still getting my exercise in with my C25K training.
  • Able to get off my blood pressure meds.
  • Crossing my legs
  • Sitting Indian Style
  • Go Tanning!
  • Trying on clothes I never would have at 282 lbs (weight I was when I started my bucket list) 
  • Running a mile not only am I running a mile, I am running as of today 1.14 miles. I started training with C25K and I'm on wk 5 out of 9!
  • My #1 on my bucket list was to be able to go to an amusement park and ride on the rides again, its been since high school prob 11-12 yrs since I was able to ride. And this weekend Sat. We are going to Cedar Point to spend the day and ride on all the rides. I am so beyond excited I cant wait!
I am going to be 30 in 2 months. I could not ever imagine my year leading up to my 30th birthday to be this wonderful. I am soo looking forward to my 30's!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Post Op Wks 35-36 and 37!!

I am so excited that I have finally see the scale move this week. After an 8 week long stall, IT MOVED!! For this stall I have noticed my body more so than I did in the past. although I didn't take pictures during it but I did do measurements and I was def losing inches while it wasn't showing on the scale!

So whats New and Exciting with me you might ask... Well I don't remember if I mentioned or not that I have started training with the Couch-25-K program, there is an app that I downloaded for my phone and I run with it every other day M-F. What's nice about this app is that it allows you to work up to running the full 5k for example the week I am on right now is Wk-4 and this weekend we are running/jogging intervals of 5 mins warm up walk, 3 jog, 1.5 min walk 5 min jog and you repeat that once. Monday was the day 1 of wk 4 and I thought I was going to die running 5 mins straight, but today was a lot easier. The way this program is set up you really are able to work into running rather than jumping in head first. I enjoy it very much.

One thing that is bothering me since I have started running I haven't been making it to the gym much, I don't know if I want to start going to the gym in the early afternoon again and running after or what. But my fear is that I will be to tired to run if I go to the gym before hand. I guess I could possibly go to the gym after I run.

I was just looking at the counter on my phone and it seems as tho My Journey to Happily Ever After has come along ways...

It has been 259 days since I  had my VSG surgery and every day life has gotten better and better. I wonder often where I will be at when my 1 year Surgiversary gets here. How much will I have lost what size clothes Ill be in and how I will look. Up until this point I still feel the same on the inside, not much has changed. On the outside I am completely a different person from how I look. Its amazing that I never knew that this person was hidden inside me. And as for most people when you ask whats your biggest regret about having this surgery, Id say without a doubt that I did not have the surgery sooner like Id wanted to.

As for my weigh in this week I am going to be adding a new tab to my blog that will display my weight Pounds Gone Forever its just getting to long to add to blog posts now.

Here's to another great fitness week everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post op Wk 32-33-34

WOW I cant believe how much I have gotten away from my blog and weigh in just because of a Vacation!! It killed me to not be able to weigh in last wk lol because I didnt have my scale with me. So I had to hold off until today! And if I didnt gain anything while on vacation it looks as though I might be ending my second stall finally. Will know for sure with next wks weigh in. I have been bouncing around 190-189 for a month and 5 days now lol 

Vacation was pretty amazing I did lots of walking around and a 3 mile hike one day and swimming one day. 2 mile walk another day, so I tried to stay pretty active but I till felt like I didnt eat right just because I did have chips here and there and traveling isnt the best way to eat on the run. But I made sure I had jerky and string cheese to snack on if I needed it!

I have a few pictures to share with everyone. I have last years vacation vs this years vacation its amazing how much Ive changed in this little amount of time!!!

 June 2012 to July 2013

So for my 34 wk weight here it is... 189.0 lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 120 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 97.5 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 92 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 83.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 (-6.8) LOSS of 76.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 (-8.2) LOSS of 68.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 (-3) LOSS of 65.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 61.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8 (-3.4) LOSS of 57 .8 lbs 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8 (+1) LOSS of 58.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 7 weight: 245.8 (-2) LOSS of 56.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 8 weight: 240.8 (-5) LOSS of 51.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 9 weight: 237.2 (-3.6) LOSS of 48.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 10 weight: 232.2 (-5) LOSS of 43.2  lbs
Post-op Wk 11 weight: 228.6 (-3.6) LOSS of 39.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 12 weight: 224.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 35.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 13 weight: 222.2 (-2) LOSS of 33.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 14 weight: 220.2 (-2) LOSS of 31.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 15 weight: 219.6 (-0.6) LOSS of 30.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 16 weight: 216 (-3.6) LOSS of 27 lbs
Post-op Wk 17 weight: 210 (-6) LOSS of 21 lbs
Post-op Wk 18 weight: 210 (0) LOSS of 21 lbs
Post-op Wk 19 weight: 207 (-3) LOSS of 18 lbs
Post-op Wk 20 weight: 210.6 (+3) LOSS of 21.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 21 weight: 210.4 (-3) LOSS of 21.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 22 weight: 205.2 (-5.2) LOSS of 16.2 lbs
Post-0p Wk 23 weight: 206 (+1) LOSS of 17 lbs
Post-op Wk 24 weight: 201.6 (-4.4) LOSS of 12.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 25 weight: 199.8 (-1.8) LOSS of 10.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 26 weight: 198 (-1.8) LOSS of 9 lbs
Post-op Wk 27 weight: 196 (-2) LOSS of 7 lbs
Post-op Wk 28 weight: 192.4 (-3.6) LOSS of 3.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 29 weight: 189.8 (-2.6) LOSS of 0.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 30 weight: 190 (+0.2) LOSS of 1 lbs
Post-op Wk 31 weight: 189.6 (-0.4) LOSS of 0.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 32 weight: 189. (-0.6) LOSS of 0.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 33 weight: No Weigh In LOSS of 0 lbs
Post-op Wk 34 weight: 189. (-0) LOSS of 0 lbs

GOAL 130: 59 lbs to GO!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post Op Wk 30-31!

Welp! What Can I Say? Last wk was my 7 month post op surgiversary on Friday Jun 14th. So I didnt post a blog on Wed because I waited til Friday to weight in and I am in the 2 wk of a stall. I am hoping it wont last that long. Ive been bouncing around from 190-189.6 for  2 wks now. I am not going to get mad. I am just going to keep pushing through like I did last time!

This wk the start of Post Op wk 31 I have started training for my C25K. I have finished W1D1 and W1D2! and I feel amazing. Life has changed so much for me, I cant believe I am where I am today and I thank god everyday for my health and for giving me the strength to push and power through.

There are days I want to stay in bed and there are days where I do stay in bed, but it only makes it hard on myself by doing so. And I cant blame anyone for this but me. Staying in bed one day leads to two or three days and then I need to start all over at the gym. which is not fun! I am only letting myself down when I do this, but this is a whole learning process and you can make mistakes and you learn from them as you go.

So for my 31 wk weight here it is... 189.6 lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 119.4 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 96.9 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 91.4 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 83 lbs
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 (-6.8) LOSS of 76.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 (-8.2) LOSS of 68 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 (-3) LOSS of 65 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 60.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8 (-3.4) LOSS of 57 .2 lbs 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8 (+1) LOSS of 58.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 7 weight: 245.8 (-2) LOSS of 56.2  lbs
Post-op Wk 8 weight: 240.8 (-5) LOSS of 51.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 9 weight: 237.2 (-3.6) LOSS of 47.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 10 weight: 232.2 (-5) LOSS of 42..6 lbs
Post-op Wk 11 weight: 228.6 (-3.6) LOSS of 39 lbs
Post-op Wk 12 weight: 224.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 34.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 13 weight: 222.2 (-2) LOSS of 32.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 14 weight: 220.2 (-2) LOSS of 30.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 15 weight: 219.6 (-0.6) LOSS of 30 lbs
Post-op Wk 16 weight: 216 (-3.6) LOSS of 26.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 17 weight: 210 (-6) LOSS of 20.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 18 weight: 210 (0) LOSS of 20.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 19 weight: 207 (-3) LOSS of 17.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 20 weight: 210.6 (+3) LOSS of 21 lbs
Post-op Wk 21 weight: 210.4 (-3) LOSS of 20.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 22 weight: 205.2 (-5.2) LOSS of 15.6 lbs
Post-0p Wk 23 weight: 206 (+1) LOSS of 16.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 24 weight: 201.6 (-4.4) LOSS of 12 lbs
Post-op Wk 25 weight: 199.8 (-1.8) LOSS of 10.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 26 weight: 198 (-1.8) LOSS of 8.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 27 weight: 196 (-2) LOSS of 6.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 28 weight: 192.4 (-3.6) LOSS of 2.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 29 weight: 189.8 (-2.6) LOSS of 2.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 30 weight: 190 (+0.2) LOSS of 0.2lbs
Post-op Wk 31 weight: 189.6 (-0.4)

GOAL 130: 59.6 lbs to GO!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post Op wk 29 !!

I have made it out of the 190's WOO HOOO!!! This wk was a great wk I went on a nice date with Isaac and I was able to get dressed up and feel beautiful! I look at my picture of that night and I can not believe that it is me in the picture, I am shocked!!

This is me in Aug at my sisters baby shower, and me on Sat. What a Difference!

I am on this amazing roller coaster and I dont ever want it to end, of course I know at some point it will, but  I have so much to look forward to after the weight loss ends, babies and a wedding hopefully lol and Enjoying all the hard work I have done to get here. Although I have been enjoying it a little bit now hehe :)

So for my 29 wk weight here it is... 189.9 lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 119.2 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 96.7 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 91.2 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 82.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 (-6.8) LOSS of 76 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 (-8.2) LOSS of 67.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 (-3) LOSS of 64.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 60.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8 (-3.4) LOSS of 57  lbs 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8 (+1) LOSS of 58 lbs
Post-op Wk 7 weight: 245.8 (-2) LOSS of 56 lbs
Post-op Wk 8 weight: 240.8 (-5) LOSS of 51 lbs
Post-op Wk 9 weight: 237.2 (-3.6) LOSS of 47.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 10 weight: 232.2 (-5) LOSS of 42.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 11 weight: 228.6 (-3.6) LOSS of 38.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 12 weight: 224.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 34.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 13 weight: 222.2 (-2) LOSS of 32.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 14 weight: 220.2 (-2) LOSS of 30.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 15 weight: 219.6 (-0.6) LOSS of 29.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 16 weight: 216 (-3.6) LOSS of 26.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 17 weight: 210 (-6) LOSS of 20.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 18 weight: 210 (0) LOSS of 20.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 19 weight: 207 (-3) LOSS of 17.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 20 weight: 210.6 (+3) LOSS of 20.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 21 weight: 210.4 (-3) LOSS of 20.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 22 weight: 205.2 (-5.2) LOSS of 15.4 lbs
Post-0p Wk 23 weight: 206 (+1) LOSS of 16.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 24 weight: 201.6 (-4.4) LOSS of 11.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 25 weight: 199.8 (-1.8) LOSS of 10 lbs
Post-op Wk 26 weight: 198 (-1.8) LOSS of 8.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 27 weight: 196 (-2) LOSS of 6.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 28 weight: 192.4 (-3.6) LOSS of 2.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 29 weight: 189.8 (-2.6)

GOAL 130: 59.8 lbs to GO!