Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Post Op Wks 35-36 and 37!!

I am so excited that I have finally see the scale move this week. After an 8 week long stall, IT MOVED!! For this stall I have noticed my body more so than I did in the past. although I didn't take pictures during it but I did do measurements and I was def losing inches while it wasn't showing on the scale!

So whats New and Exciting with me you might ask... Well I don't remember if I mentioned or not that I have started training with the Couch-25-K program, there is an app that I downloaded for my phone and I run with it every other day M-F. What's nice about this app is that it allows you to work up to running the full 5k for example the week I am on right now is Wk-4 and this weekend we are running/jogging intervals of 5 mins warm up walk, 3 jog, 1.5 min walk 5 min jog and you repeat that once. Monday was the day 1 of wk 4 and I thought I was going to die running 5 mins straight, but today was a lot easier. The way this program is set up you really are able to work into running rather than jumping in head first. I enjoy it very much.

One thing that is bothering me since I have started running I haven't been making it to the gym much, I don't know if I want to start going to the gym in the early afternoon again and running after or what. But my fear is that I will be to tired to run if I go to the gym before hand. I guess I could possibly go to the gym after I run.

I was just looking at the counter on my phone and it seems as tho My Journey to Happily Ever After has come along ways...

It has been 259 days since I  had my VSG surgery and every day life has gotten better and better. I wonder often where I will be at when my 1 year Surgiversary gets here. How much will I have lost what size clothes Ill be in and how I will look. Up until this point I still feel the same on the inside, not much has changed. On the outside I am completely a different person from how I look. Its amazing that I never knew that this person was hidden inside me. And as for most people when you ask whats your biggest regret about having this surgery, Id say without a doubt that I did not have the surgery sooner like Id wanted to.

As for my weigh in this week I am going to be adding a new tab to my blog that will display my weight Pounds Gone Forever its just getting to long to add to blog posts now.

Here's to another great fitness week everyone!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Post op Wk 32-33-34

WOW I cant believe how much I have gotten away from my blog and weigh in just because of a Vacation!! It killed me to not be able to weigh in last wk lol because I didnt have my scale with me. So I had to hold off until today! And if I didnt gain anything while on vacation it looks as though I might be ending my second stall finally. Will know for sure with next wks weigh in. I have been bouncing around 190-189 for a month and 5 days now lol 

Vacation was pretty amazing I did lots of walking around and a 3 mile hike one day and swimming one day. 2 mile walk another day, so I tried to stay pretty active but I till felt like I didnt eat right just because I did have chips here and there and traveling isnt the best way to eat on the run. But I made sure I had jerky and string cheese to snack on if I needed it!

I have a few pictures to share with everyone. I have last years vacation vs this years vacation its amazing how much Ive changed in this little amount of time!!!

 June 2012 to July 2013

So for my 34 wk weight here it is... 189.0 lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 120 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 97.5 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 92 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 83.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 (-6.8) LOSS of 76.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 (-8.2) LOSS of 68.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 (-3) LOSS of 65.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 61.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8 (-3.4) LOSS of 57 .8 lbs 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8 (+1) LOSS of 58.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 7 weight: 245.8 (-2) LOSS of 56.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 8 weight: 240.8 (-5) LOSS of 51.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 9 weight: 237.2 (-3.6) LOSS of 48.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 10 weight: 232.2 (-5) LOSS of 43.2  lbs
Post-op Wk 11 weight: 228.6 (-3.6) LOSS of 39.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 12 weight: 224.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 35.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 13 weight: 222.2 (-2) LOSS of 33.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 14 weight: 220.2 (-2) LOSS of 31.2 lbs
Post-op Wk 15 weight: 219.6 (-0.6) LOSS of 30.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 16 weight: 216 (-3.6) LOSS of 27 lbs
Post-op Wk 17 weight: 210 (-6) LOSS of 21 lbs
Post-op Wk 18 weight: 210 (0) LOSS of 21 lbs
Post-op Wk 19 weight: 207 (-3) LOSS of 18 lbs
Post-op Wk 20 weight: 210.6 (+3) LOSS of 21.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 21 weight: 210.4 (-3) LOSS of 21.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 22 weight: 205.2 (-5.2) LOSS of 16.2 lbs
Post-0p Wk 23 weight: 206 (+1) LOSS of 17 lbs
Post-op Wk 24 weight: 201.6 (-4.4) LOSS of 12.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 25 weight: 199.8 (-1.8) LOSS of 10.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 26 weight: 198 (-1.8) LOSS of 9 lbs
Post-op Wk 27 weight: 196 (-2) LOSS of 7 lbs
Post-op Wk 28 weight: 192.4 (-3.6) LOSS of 3.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 29 weight: 189.8 (-2.6) LOSS of 0.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 30 weight: 190 (+0.2) LOSS of 1 lbs
Post-op Wk 31 weight: 189.6 (-0.4) LOSS of 0.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 32 weight: 189. (-0.6) LOSS of 0.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 33 weight: No Weigh In LOSS of 0 lbs
Post-op Wk 34 weight: 189. (-0) LOSS of 0 lbs

GOAL 130: 59 lbs to GO!