Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another sample bag!!!

Got my Syntrax Nectar sample bag in the mail today! 10 samples to try, I cant wait. The flavors look so good!! I hope that they are just as good as they sound! Here is what I got from MyBariatricpantry: 1 Syntrax sample bag comes with 10 samples in a variety of flavors for $17.99+shipping. They even gave me a gift! An extra double stuffed cookie packet!
The flavors included were cappuccino, strawberry mousse, apple ecstasy, lemon tea, pink grapefruit, double stuffed cookie, twisted cherry, fuzzy navel, crystal sky, strawberry kiwi.
For dinner tonight like promised I tried the Slim Fast Protein Shakes I found at Walmart. They have 180 calories, 20 grams of protein and 4 carbs per shake. Flavor was pretty good, I'd drink it again.

I think I might have this protein thing down for now, but I think I gotta work on what foods give me the most protein, because my surgeon doesn't like us getting our calories from liquids, so eventually I'll have to cut back on the shakes and work in foods that are high in protein, like chicken and cottage cheese.

Monday, October 29, 2012

16 days away. . .

So here I stand 16 days way from the best decision of my life!
Am I nervous? Am I scared? Am I happy? Am I excited? Am I ready? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I have been getting emotional about it when I stop and think for a second that it is really happening. It is such a long process to go through, And I can see and understand why they make us go through it. It's a life altering change that we have to make sure our mind, body and soul is ready for.
There is no way anyone could just jump into doing this. There is so much research do to, and so much to learn about the process and yourself. I am glad that my insurance company made me go through 6 months of a supervised diet. And I am glad I had to change the date my surgeon wanted to have the surgery (Oct 22nd to Nov 14th) because it gave me the extra time. The Extra Me time.
I have ordered another new kind of protein samples to try hopefully they should be here Monday! A friend of mine told me about this website where I ordered Syntrx Nectar Sample bag, which comes with 10 samples to try! Cant wait to try something other than a Chocolate protein shake hehe. And I'm not a big fan of vanilla.
So far I have tried Unjury Chocolate Splendor, love it. Got Premier Chocolate shake to try from Pre Admission Testing, it was okay I tried it at work on Friday for my dinner, it wasn't as good as Unjury. And I went to Walmart and bought EAS Myoplex Lite, and Slim Fast has a protein shake with 20g of Protein 170 cals and 4 carbs.
Gonna try Slim Fast this week for sure.

I tried EAS Myoplex lite over some ice on Saturday and it was pretty good. I am sure that I will get to the point where I become sick of the pre-made stuff and try my own mixes out! Just gotta get creative with it and go with the flow. I will try to get some decaf instant coffee to add to the chocolate mixes with blended ice next.
And the count down continues...


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pre-op/ Pre Admission Testing

Yesterday started at about 6 am. I headed to the St. Vincent Medical Building at about 7 am and I got registered, and started right away with the tests. First test was a breathing test to see if I was fit to go under anesthesia, I had to sit down in the chair and breath in to a tube that was attached to a computer that measured my breathing. Took a few deep breaths, huffed and puffed and blew. And passed the tech who did the test said you look great only thing it says is your breathing could be better with a little bit of weight loss and I looked at him and said well good things I am scheduled for surgery then huh!! he-he. I also got my incentive spirometer to practice breathing at home and I will need to bring it with me to the hospital.

Next, I headed up the second floor and met with a really nice nurse and she asked me a bunch of medical questions and did my EKG which was prefect, I was kinda worried but I had one done a month a go and it was good too so I kinda knew it would be ok. After my EKG I went and had to get my blood work done, they were also very nice and got the needle in one the first try and no bruising today! 9 vials of blood!! I hopefully all of it comes back okay! I am sure it well! :)

I then met with the PA for the surgeon and she asked me a million and one questions also lol and I asked her about my hiatal hernia, the upper gi in Feb showed a slight one, so he is going to be fixing that as well with my surgery!

I had to meet with my doctor after all the poking and sticking of needles, he have me a prescription for Prilosec which I am already on and will have to take everyday for 3 months after surgery! and He gave me another one for 14 days with of 40mg injections of Lovenox. I will have to inject myself in the abdomen with it.

Then they collected my $$.

After that I had to small classes one was for hospital stay and what to expect the day of and days following in surgery. Tons of information I will need to reread over and over again. I have to do a bowel prep that is not going to be fun have to drink 3 bottles of Mag, Citrate the day before surgery and I am on a clear liquid diet that day as well. so its 1 1/2 bottles at 10am and 1 1/2 bottles at 1pm. Def not looking forward to this one bit.

Last class was Dietary Info. so for everyone who is interested here is the basics of how I will eat for the next months or so following surgery:
  • Day 1: Clear Liquid (the day I begin drinking in the hospital)
  • Day 2-14: Full Liquids
  • Day 15-17: Semi Liquid
  • Day 18-28: Puree (Begin fluid rules and limit meals to under 30mins)
  • Day 29-36: Soft Transitional
  • Day 37-44: Transitional
  • Day 45-on: Regular
The dietitian also gave me some samples to take home and I tried a few samples at the class, didn't like to many of them.

So with all of this info, I am set to go. I started my shopping, I bought a few night gowns to wear when I get home and a comfy soft warm blanket for the hospital.. gotta stock up on liquids and vitamins and protein and I should be set!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pre Op/ Pre Admission Testing 10/22

Its here! Its here! After a busy busy weekend, Monday is here and its time to get ready and head to the hospital and start my pre op testing, I have to get my EKG done and some blood work done. Then comes all the millions and millions of information for post op care and living. Meet with the dietitan and my doctor. I did hear we get to try some samples of protein tho, so Im looking forward to that!

I did get a few things off my surgery shopping list! I bought two night gowns for after surgery to slip on and a soft comfy blanky for the hospital!

Yesterday, I finally finally tried Unjury Chocolate Splendor with 8oz of 1% fat free milk and used the imulssion mixer/blender to mix it up. I was so surprised at how it tasted. It was very good. Tasted just like low fat chocolate milk and it didnt have any bad smell or weird after tastes either! So I am happy with this flavor! :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

26 days and counting....

26 days to go... I can do this... I had to go to the bank today to get my Cashiers Check to pay for surgery! Its due the day of pre admission testing! Which is Monday!
Now that my bank account is empty! I want to Thank everyone who was able to help me with donations, even after the loan I worked so hard to get, I still needed $700, and I was granted a few donations totaling $245 that helped me out more than you guys will ever know! So Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Protein Protein Protein!

So... Sunday night I ordered a Starter Kit from Unjury a highly recommended protein by doctors all over, it is medical quality protein that has been developed by a clinical dietitian. I've heard some good things about it from a few people and I thought I would give it a try and see if I liked it since after surgery I will need to get in as much protein as possible. Now with the Starter kit that I ordered I went with it because it allows you to try just about all of the protein powders that they offer. And it was a great deal I thought!

So for $21.20 ($27.20 with shipping) I got 2 packs of each: Chicken soup, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Sorbet, and Unflavored. A Rubbermaid Shaker and a Food Thermometer because they recommend you don't mix protein powers in liquids that are over 140 degrees. Best of all its 21g. of protein per pack that's a ton of protein I think, I have heard a few people say that you can mix them in with water and crystal light and you really cant tell its in there, and you can mix them with ice and milk and make a milkshake out of it when you blend them. Also the unflavored can be added to foods like mashed potatoes and apple sauce. I am very excited to try them and to see what ones I love and don't love so much!

I also  have Pre-op Testing "Pre Admissions Testing" Monday Oct 22! at 7am and I will be able to try a few different protein samples there as well.

A friend of mine also mentioned to me Premier from Sam's Club is a good protein drink too. She said it taste just like chocolate milk and for 16 of them its like $25, so I will be getting a few of them. We just got a Sam membership a wk ago!! 
And she mentioned Muscle Milk Light was pretty good. So I have a few options to try!

After Pre-op testing I will do some shopping and post about what I bought and what I will be living off of before and right after surgery!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lisa Lampanelli!

So I have a few mins here and I thought Id share these videos I found on the Dr. Oz website through another video that was posted on Facebook. Every day that goes by and that counts me down to getting closer to having my surgery I know I am doing the right thing. This is a life style change and it is the tool that will save my life. I will still need to workout and eat right and live a healthy life style. Nothing about this surgery is going to be easy except maybe the clothes shopping after I lose the weight! HAHA!

So Im going to post the videos of Lisa Lampanelli who has Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy  and has currently lost 80lbs with it. She talks about her reasons why she did the surgery in the videos. What a great woman. I'd love to see her upcoming stand up show!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

One month till my "Rebirth"

So today marks the one month period. In exactly one month I will be having my WLS VSG! I am still so very happy that I made this decision and not a day goes by that I think otherwise. I dont even think that when I will be in pain I will be thinking that either. So as this month goes by I will be getting ready by making lists of things I need to do and things I need to buy before surgery. I want to make sure the house is as clean as I can have it before I go in so I dont have worry about when I come home.

I got my Short Term Disability paper work from the surgeon the other day I will be off for 6 wks. No lifting pushing or pulling anything greater than 10lbs. EEeek! thats going to be hard. I still having gotten my pre op paper work from the drs office first letter they sent to the wrong address, and second letter who knows lol should maybe get it this wk for the right address. I dunno about them sometimes. I do know that I have to go to the bank this week and get my cashier’s check for $2716.89 to pay for my surgery. Crazy huh! I know but I KNOW I will be so much happier with this in my life.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

35 days and counting... UPDATE!

4 days way from a month til surgery day... How do I feel you ask? Well... I am still very happy and excited with the decision I have made to have the VSG. I can not wait to have it over said and done with, so I can start living my new life as the new and improved Shauna 2.0 hehe. The Shauna 2.0 has so much to offer this world that Shauna 1.0 couldn't do because of this weight.

I love the fact that I have joined a forum and become friends with some amazing women and I am able to go to them and them come to me for support and to talk to about things that I cant go to just anyone. They know what it is like to be over weight, to be "sleeved" and or to have to be going through the process of getting approved to be "sleeved". A few of my friends have even used the same surgeon I am using which makes it even more special.

I hope that by me going thought this I am one day able to help someone else and touch someone else's life.

The thoughts still goes through my mind on a daily basis of what will I  look like thinner, how will my mind handle me being thinner, and what will people around me start to say. Now I know I have not kept this a secret from anyone I have been quiet open to everyone  and to anyone who asks me about it. So I guess I wont know to deal with these questions until I'm actually living them. I do not care that people know about me having surgery. I does hurt me that people don't support me decision. You can not like what I am doing up support me!

I have decided that I am probably going to do my own pre op diet since my dr doesn't have you do one. And I think It might be a good idea to do one to make sure my liver is small. The idea of a pre op idea is to shrink the liver so it is out of the surgeons way when we is going surgery. Most pre op diets are about a wk or 2 long and consists of liquids sugar free drinks. sugar free jello, protein shakes and about 800 a day. I think I will do it for a week up til my pre op testing and see if it helps any. Not sure tho I will ask at pre op testing on OCT 22 what they suggest.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Loan Status: APPROVED!

After a few days of worries and not being able to sleep, I was approved for a loan today; $2000 of the $2789 that I need is now taken care of! It wasn't for the full amount, but its for enough. It will help me immensely. But I am 100% sure that I can cover the rest of the amount I need with my paycheck on the 12th. It is all still feeling kind of like a dream, it really has not hit me yet what is about to happen in 41 days. 

Pre-op testing is Oct. 22nd I still haven't gotten my paperwork in the mail for that, had to give them my address again, so they could mail it to the right place this time. I know I will need blood work done and an EKG other then that I have no idea whats going on that day. Lots of information will be giving to me.

I am not ready to get all emotional and nervous about whats going to happen in 41 days and it will I know it will.  I'm just waiting for the storm cloud to burst  I guess lol I think it will probably the wk of surgery or maybe after pre-op testing when I need to start buying my post op diet items. Oh boy! what have I gotten my self in to hehe.