Wednesday, November 20, 2013

53 wks Post Op!

I can finally say I am 1 year Post Op!! Woo hoo.... Who would have thought that it would be so exciting hehe. I guess a year ago or a year and a half ago I would have never imagined anything that has happened to happen. I hoped that a lot of what has happened would, but I didn't know how or when or why it would.  Well ya I do know why, my hard work and dedication is why! One thing I dont get or understand why is this....

I just updated my Weight Loss ticker and I've gone from:
A BMI of 58.4! to a 32.5 now... at this BMI and my height I am still considered obese. Are you kidding me? How? How is that even possible I have a lot of hatred towards the BMI chart and system and I do not believe it to be accurate. I have gone from 309 lbs to 172 as of today and I am still obese. I feel like I am a brand new person and that I am so much healthier and happier that this BMI chart can kiss my A$$! I know you all will say that this BMI chart shouldn't matter and I shouldn't pay much attention to it. I should go with how I feel and what weight I am happy with. I honestly never thought when I started this journey that I would be one to obsess over a number on the scale, but now that I can actually see a number on the scale it matters. I do not want to be labeled as obese or over weight and I think I feel and look 100x's better than I used too.

Surgery Day 11-14-12 and 1 year later. Bottom is 1 wk before surgery and 1 year later.

Today while I was changing out of my work clothes I noticed  a new part of my body my stomach and its changing its looking different finally... I dont know if its a flux or if the ab challenge I have been doing for 20 days is working. but I can notice maybe some definition trying to show up. Now dont get me wrong I still hate every single part of my stomach from the ugly apron to the god awful muffin top LOL. My body was fast to drop most of this weight but now it is really up to me to define the parts of me that I am horrified with.

After seeing the dietitian I have been trying to hardest to get in 20 grams of protein per meal and its going great. I have been eating one greek yogurt with 3/4 cup kashi go lean cereal thrown in and its 208 cals and 20g of protein and keeps me full for a few hrs.

I am still trying new recipes and trying to stick to healthier ones.

Thanksgiving is a wk away and last year I was 1 wk post op Thanksgiving wk. and I didnt get to enjoy much I will prob always remember what I had that day for dinner while everyone pigged out. I have 4 oz cranberry juice 4oz 2% milk and 4oz of creamy potato soup. hehe.This year I am sure it will be different. Although I will be in my home away from home state Wisconsin with Isaac and his family I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving traditions again!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Give thanks 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Post Op Wk 52! 1 yr surgiversary!!!!

Yesterday marked wk 52 and today marks my 1 year Surgiversary!! I am beyond excited and happy that it has been a year. With so much that has happened and changed its amazing!!! This past year has been wonderful! 

Here are some stats

  • Started this journey at 306lbs gains 3lbs (making me 309 lbs my heaviest weight ever) during my 2nd month of 6 month supervised diet and exercise program needed per insurance.
  • Surgery was approved in Sept 2012, surgery date got scheduled for Nov 14, 2012
  • On Nov 14, 2012 I woke up weighing 272.6
  • On Nov 14, 2013 I woke up weighing 173.0 99.6 lbs lost in one year.
  • Ive lost 13.5'' off my waist
  • Ive lost 19.5'' off my hips
  • Ive lost 14.75'' off my chest
  • Ive lost 6.25'' off my right arm
  • Ive lost 5.25'' off my left arm
  • Ive lost 7.5'' off my right thigh
  • Ive lost 6.45'' off my left thigh
  • Ive lost 2" off my right calf
  • Ive lost 3,25" off my left calf
That is a total of 78.45" lost off my body which is equal to 6.5FT!
  • I went from a size 26 Jean to size 11-12 
  • Size 3-4x shirt to M.L or Xl large in Juniors.
  • 48DDD Bra to 34-36DD Bra
  • I have become a runner and Ive ran 2 5k's
  • I can eat about 1 cup to 1.5 cups of food and be happy!
  • I cant eat icecream. it makes me sick
  • I lost a few ring sizes 8.5 to about a 6.75.
Here are some pictures:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Post Op Wk 49-50-51!!

I have lost track of blogging. I dunno why maybe because my schedule keeps changing with work and I have no idea if im coming or going half the time LOL.
I was 174.4 wk 49, 175, wk 50, and This wk 51 I was 176! Ahh I am trying my hardest to get out of the 170's I did see 172 on the scale a few Saturdays ago but that was short lived.
I started back at the gym this wk and I dont know why I ever stop going because I love it there. I managed to get one of my bffs Irene to come and be my gym partner. She has  goal to achieve by Christmas and so do I. I am glad that I am able to help her make these goals achievable.I would like to be down to 165 by Christmas, its an 11 lb loss from what I am at right now. I think its really doable, but I shall see.
Another new fitness tool I am using is my fitbit one. I am totally addicted to it and feel so lost without it. hehe. I love that it tracks all my steps, calories burned, steps climbed, and even my sleep patterns if I would wear it to sleep. It is also very cool that I can sync it with myfitness pal which I used daily.
Today is Nov 7th, and I have my 1 yr post op appt this afternoon. I am very excited to see Dr Ben Meir. I havent seen him since my 6 mon post op appt. He left the office I was at and opened his own. I managed to find out where he went and followed him. The new surgeon who took over for him is very nice and friendly but its just not the same. Seeing a dr who doesnt know me and what I went through during surgery was just odd to me.
7 Days from now will be my 1 yr Surgiversay! CRAZY!! 1 YEAR already!! I am in awe of how far I have come in this one yr. Surgery Day Nov-14-2012 I was 272 lbs. and now I am almost 100lbs lighter and went from a size 26 jeans to a 12! and a 3-4x to a Med/Lar top in woman's, and an xl in Juniors tops. I can even wear some M-L pants n shorts from Wal-mart.
I am able to eat normal again I think. Still alot smaller portions than a yr ago but its become normal. 1 cup of food at a time is about good enough to fill me up. I often catch myself forgetting to wait to drink 1 hr after I have eaten and I find myself getting hungry sooner. I am trying to watch the clock more to make sure I am waiting. I think it makes a huge difference.
So heres to my 1 yr appt today and 1 yr Surgiversary next Thursday!