Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Post Op Wk 22....

Since I wrote a blog on Monday I dont really have much to share today.. EXCEPT "My Stall is OVER" Finally... it took a month for the scale to start moving again, but during that month I was losing inches and I also went down a pant size, so I am not going to complain much. LOL I do recommend that if you are in a stall take measurements and you will noticed that they will go down, I am not sure why this is happening but it does. It will also make you feel little bit better that this are still progressing even if that ugly thing on the bathroom floor is saying no you're not! And take pictures. I have been a firm believer in taking pictures from day one! They side by side comparisons are REAL! If I didnt have those to look at I would still feel and think that I weight 309 lbs I have to remind myself and see if for myself that I have changed and that I am changing. These pictures are the best proof.

My latest side by sides are in the photo tab up top take a look :)

And So for my Post Op 22 wk weight here it is... 205.2 lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 103.8 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 81.3 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 75.8 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 67.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 (-6.8) LOSS of 60.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 (-8.2) LOSS of 52.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 (-3) LOSS of 49.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 45 lbs
Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8 (-3.4) LOSS of 41.6 lbs 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8 (+1) LOSS of 42.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 7 weight: 245.8 (-2) LOSS of 40.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 8 weight: 240.8 (-5) LOSS of 35.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 9 weight: 237.2 (-3.6) LOSS of 32 lbs
Post-op Wk 10 weight: 232.2 (-5) LOSS of 27 lbs
Post-op Wk 11 weight: 228.6 (-3.6) LOSS of 23.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 12 weight: 224.2 (-4.4) LOSS of 19 lbs
Post-op Wk 13 weight: 222.2 (-2) LOSS of 17 lbs
Post-op Wk 14 weight: 220.2 (-2) LOSS of 15 lbs
Post-op Wk 15 weight: 219.6 (-0.6) LOSS of 14.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 16 weight: 216 (-3.6) LOSS of 10.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 17 weight: 210 (-6) LOSS of 4.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 18 weight: 210 (0) LOSS of 4.8lbs
Post-op Wk 19 weight: 207 (-3) LOSS of 1.8lbs
Post-op Wk 20 weight: 210.6 (-3) LOSS of 5.4lbs
Post-op Wk 21 weight: 210.4 (-3) LOSS of 5.2lbs
Post-op Wk 22 weight: 205.2 (-5.2)

GOAL 130: 75.2 lbs to GO!

Monday, April 15, 2013

I know its not Wed. but Sunday April 14 was my 5 month Surgiversary! And I thought I would take the time to update my blog and let everyone know who reads it that I am doing okay! The last month of life has been a bit challenging I'd say only because I have been the same weight 210 for the last 4 weigh ins except for on that was 207 lol in the middle of all the 210's. So I've had a stall for the month and it was a bit frustrating to say the least. You work and work at doing the right things and you see no movement on the scale. The scale is EVIL!! I tell you what. It is def a good idea to take measurements of yourself, thank god I have been doing that and taking pictures, because  while the scale wasnt moving the tape measure was. and my pictures are showing a lot of improvement as well.

These last 5 months since surgery and the start of my new happier, healthier life I have achieved... 
Wt.  gone from 272 lbs -207 lbs.
BMI of 51.4 to  39.1
Jeans size 26-16!!
Shirt size 3-4x -LARGE!
Bra size 48DDD to a 38H
And Working out 0 days - 4-5 days a week!
No Longer on either one of my BP meds! Only take Vitamins and Prilosec!
I am extremely proud of myself and yes I am bragging I feel as though I have earned that right :) This didn’t/doesn’t come easy it takes a lot of hard work and dedication!

I am still waiting and hoping that I get in to ONEDERLAND here soon I know its right around the corner. I am getting sick of my white gym shoes! I made a goal to myself that once I hit ONEDERLAND and I am out of the 200's for good that I can get a new pair of fun and funky gym shoes! I cant wait!!

Probably the worst thing thats happened since surgery is I LOVE to SHOP! I cant help it. I've never been able to go in to a store an buy right off the rank like I did today, unless it was at LANE BRYANT! Im pretty much done shopping there! Unless I want jeans cus nothing else there will fit! I love OLD NAVY my new fav. If I wanted something from OLD NAVY in the past I had to order it off line in the PLUS size section now I can walk into the store and get whatever I want! AWESOMENESS!
Well here's to a great wk and hopefully a great weigh in on WED. Scale was at 207.8 Saturday so Im hoping that means I broke this stupid STALL. We shall see!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

20 wks Post Op!!

I have been pretty stressed with the scale being so unruly or not acting the way I think it should lol I feel like its my child, Cant I just put it in the corner when its naughty and give it a time out?? Well I can I guess lol I can just not step on it for a while and so be it, but I dunno how well that will work I have gotten so used to stepping on it on Weds and Saturdays. Id have to have Isaac hide them from me hehe.

Since I am 11 days shy of 5 months Post Op  and my scale and weight are being unruly, I decided to compare my measurements, from Nov 14, 2012 to Today!!

 I've lost :
10.25” off my Waist
12.25” off my Hips
11.5” off Chest
3” or so on both Arms
4” on both Thighs
1” or so off both Calf’s

I have been bouncing around the 210 mark since March 13 according to my Log! Ahh! I did change the batteries in the scale they were getting LO as it kept screaming at me lol.

I know stalls happen and they happen to everyone no body is immune to them, just wanna be over this and get the lbs a moving again!

In an effort to help the lbs come off I have tried to make it a very important point to get all my water in during the day I wasn't doing a very good job at it and I know now that I am doing a good job and getting my water levels up because (TMI) the urge to Pee has returned, when your body doesn't have enough water in it or is getting dehydrated you will never have that urge. And with the more water I have been drinking its coming back. That urge has been gone since surgery really, Odd I know! But its true! I have been adding Propel Zero to my water which is pretty good. Just to give me something different to have other than plan water which I love.

Well no weight update this week since it hasn't change except I'm back up to 210. Until next week!