Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 wks and 1 day Post-Op

Christmas is over with and I went back to work last night! OMG I was so tired from driving the 8-9 hrs back home from Wisconsin I don't know how I did the whole 8 hr work shift. I really really really enjoyed my Christmas with Isaac's family I just love them so much! It was so nice to be able to get to spend so much free time with them and not feel so rushed.

So yesterday was my weigh in day and since I was traveling and unable to weigh in I did it today and I am up 1 lb :( not to to sad about it but I will just need to work really hard the next couple of days to get that lb off and to keep the lbs coming off. Isaac got me Zumba for the Wii for Christmas!!! I cant wait to try it!

I also would love to get Wii Fit and out to use the Wii Ive had sitting here for over a year lol. 

Since I am 6 wks out finally I can swallow my pills again! :) No more crushing them! and I can pretty much tolerate all foods :) except the ones I listed last wk, still gotta wait for a while yet on those!

So for my 6 wk weight here it is... 247.8lbs

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 62.2 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 39.7 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 34.2 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 25.8 lbs 
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8(-6.8)LOSS of 19 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6(-8.2) LOSS of10.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6(-3) LOSS of 7.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2(-4.4) LOSS of 3.4 lbs

Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8(-3.4) 
Post-op Wk 6 weight: 247.8(+1)Gain of 1 lb
GOAL 130: 117.8
 lbs to GO!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

5 wks Post-Op

I'll make this a quick one!! Being 5 wks out its surreal still and I can not even imagine I'd be this happy. I didn't know what life was going to be like after being sleeved until I got sleeved and now that I am sleeved I can say that it is pretty much the same. The first 2 wks were the hardest I'd day just with mood swings and wanting food and being grumpy one minute and happy the next, but at 5 wks out things have pretty much leveled out and I am back to normal I would say.

I am now on the Transitional Stage of the "diet" were I can start to add foods back into my life to see how my new tummy will tolerate them, except the foods that are on the do not eat yet list. Like Beef, Bread, Pasta, Rice.Raw Fruits and Veggies, Popcorn and anything with hidden seeds. On a Good note I can have Iceberg lettuce :) so I can make a mock salad if I wanted too!! :) And since I am able to tolerate fish like Tilapia I can move on to other seafood such as shrimp, crab and scallops.

I am almost back to normal eating still need to make sure that the chicken and pork or turkey that I do eat is still very moist when I do eat it.

My next doctors appt is scheduled for Dec 26th which will probably need to be be rescheduled because I will be driving home from WI and going to work that night, first night back to work since surgery!!! I am thinking it will be okay. I hope so!

So for my 5 wk weigh in here it is . . .246.8!!   I've lost 3.4 lbs this wk.

April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 62.2 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 39.7 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 34.2 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 25.8 lbs 
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8(-6.8)LOSS of 19 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6(-8.2) LOSS of10.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6(-3) LOSS of 7.8 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2(-4.4) LOSS of 3.4 lbs

Post-op Wk 5 weight: 246.8(-3.4)
GOAL 130: 116.8
 lbs to GO!

Friday, December 14, 2012

4 wks Post-Op Update/ 1 month Surgiversary!

I have made it!!!! One Month. One month of being Sleeved there is no going back now! Well there is no going back now even if I wanted to lol Not that I want to. I love my sleeve. My Sleeve!! We shall name my sleeve what does everyone think?? We name our cars, why cant we name our sleeves?? How does Vinny sound? Since my surgery was done at St. Vincent. We can call my sleeve Vinny for short hehe or "Silva" Isaac and I went to see Sky Fall and when watching the movie he lets me know in the middle of the movie that the evil villain  just so happens to kind of resembles my surgeon lol here check it out for yourself. I could not hold in the laughter.

    Dr Ben-Meir.                     "Silva" 

So since Wed of this week was my 4 wk check in with the doctors office I have been moved to "Soft Foods" Yay! I am able to eat things that are still wet and can easily go down. Things like Eggs, Tuna and Chicken Salad made with lite to FF Mayo. Fish like Tilapia, if that goes ok I can try Salmon. Mashed Potatoes with gravy. 

Since being moved to Soft Foods I have tried Hard boiled eggs, Chicken Salad with Olive Oil Mayo, and Mashed Potato's with gravy and shredded pork roast. All have gone down very smooth and very easy, now I haven't been able to eat nearly as much as I would a month ago. I can eat the whole Egg and I am full. I can eat about 1/4 cup of chicken salad and I can full, and about 1/2 cup for Mashed Potato's with gravy with shredded pork roast and I am full.

"Chicken Salad"

I no longer really need to sip my liquids at a month out I can take normal drinks of liquids maybe even a few at a time if needed but I still need to watch and I catch myself trying to drink to fast. Just because I can doesn't mean my sleeve will allow me to, the liquid wont go down as fast as I can put it in, so I have to still take it slow.

AND here is what everyone is wanting to know what is my weight loss for wk 4! And 1 Month of being Sleeved! so here it is!  
I've LOST 4.4 lbs this wk I'm at 250.2 lbs
April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 58.7 lbs
Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 36.3 lbs
Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 30.8 lbs
Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 22.4 lbs 
Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 LOSS of 15.6 lbs
Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 LOSS of 7.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6 LOSS of 4.4 lbs
Post-op Wk 4 weight: 250.2 
GOAL 130: 120.2 lbs to GO!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3 wks Post Op Today!

Well I am sure everyone is excited and eagerly awaiting my week 3 post & weight loss update, so here it is!!

I am on day 4 of Pureed foods 6 more days to go til next stage. This stage of the plan starts a lot of the rules I will be following for the rest of my life. Here are the Rules!

  1. Eat slowly and chew foods well. Meals should least no more than 30 minutes. Stop eating when you feel full.
  2. Nothing to drink  minutes before your meal and you must wait  minutes after your meal to resume drinking fluid.
  3. NO liquid Calories (under 10cal/8oz)
  4. Every meal should have at least 20 grams of protein.
I can still have a few liquid calories if I am not getting in 20 grams of protein in each meal I can sub. in a protein shake.

A few things I have found I like to eat on this stage is: Chobani Non Fat Greek Yogurt had 23 g of protein in 8 oz. And any Flavor Mio Mixed together MMM Good!

Oatmeal pureed with 1% milk still tastes like oatmeal Imagine that!! 

I still like my cottage cheese 1% small curds. 

I also made FF Refried Beans on the stove and I thinned them down pretty well with beef broth. I melted some cheese on top of them and splashed some hot sauce on top. Very tasty! My FAV!!!

Okay so here is my weigh in for wk 3 I wasn't to excited about it but its still a loss and a loss is a loss is a loss Right? RIGHT!

  • April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 54.4 lbs
  • Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval weight: 286.5 LOSS of 31.9 lbs
  • Pre-op Testing Day Oct 22, 2012 weight: 281 LOSS of 26.4 lbs
  • Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 18 lbs 
  • Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 LOSS of 11.2 lbs
  • Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6 LOSS of 3 lbs
  • Post-op Wk 3 weight: 254.6
  • GOAL 130: 124.6 lbs to GO!

  • So as you can see I have lost 3 lbs more this week and this brings the total loss to 18 lbs since day of Surgery Nov 14th 2012.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    2 wks post op. Today! Doctor's check in tomorrow.

    Today marks 2 wks since surgery. Its been a bumpy, but smooth road I guess you can say. Can you even say its bump and smooth?? Well I am getting the rest I need with a bump here and there. A week ago I had to have Isaac take me to the doctors office because I was having the worst pains in my abdomen on the right side below my incision sight, so I knew it wasn't from the surgery or a complication of the incision, but I didn't know what it was. When I got there they kept enforcing the idea that it was just constipation... Constipation?? I had no idea what this felt like because I had never experienced it before, had I known I surely wouldn't have gone all the way into Cleveland for it. Well Dr. Ben Meir prescribed Colace in liquid or tablet form so I could crush it, good luck finding either, had to get Peri- Colace with a mild laxative in it which came in a tablet form. And Miralax. He said we should be getting about 17 grams of fiber in our diet and on a liquid diet we aren't getting in any. That plus the pain pills is a nice combo for constipation. Nice huh!! Well Two Peri-Colace tablets and some Fiber later did the trick!  I know make sure I had the 17g of fiber to my juice in the am and haven't had any problems.


    Enough about poop!

    So that was Wed last Week. Thursday Turkey-day was the first day I was feeling up to doing my hair and make up. Dinner was at my moms house and I was looking forward to going over there and spending the day with everyone, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to see all the food and not be able to have any of it. I had to pack my own dinner for Thanksgiving this year. Sad I know, but it's my own choices that brought me here and I am happy with them. So for dinner I brought 1% milk, diet cranberry juice and creamy potato soup. I ate with everyone else, but all I wanted to do was dig into the veggie tray hehe.

    Thanksgiving Day 2012

    This Monday I was really sore, so I took it easy and laid on the couch with the heating pad and my book most of the day! I have been giving myself the Lovenox shots in my abdomen and they have given me some pretty big bruises, so I think those might be contributing to my soreness. 

    I am still on liquids until tomorrow I can start eating one cup of pureed foods a day along with my liquid diet to see how my body handles it. I think I will do just fine with it honestly. I am so ready to start eating other foods than soup. I have mainly been eating Cream of soups, Tomato soups, 1% milk, diet cranberry juice, water, Poweraid Zero, Propel Zero, Crystal Light and Chicken Broth. I did find some diet hot chocolate that is pretty good. Oh and Hot Tea. Yes it gets boring and FAST!

    So for my weight in I have decided to make Wed. my weight in days since surgery was on a Wed and what better day than Hump day to do it? So here goes. 
    • April 2012 Heaviest weight: 309 LOSS of 51.4 lbs
    • Last Dietitian Appt. before insurance approval for surgery weight: 286.5 LOSS of 28.9 lbs
    • Surgery Date Nov 14th 2012 weight: 272.6 LOSS of 15 lbs 
    • Post-op Wk 1 weight: 265.8 LOSS of 8.2 lbs
    • Post-op Wk 2 weight: 257.6

    So I have hit a MAJOR Goal!! of 50+ lbs lost since my heaviest I am still in shock and cant believe it. When will it hit me that I am losing weight?

    Until next week... Have a good week everyone!

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Tomorrow is 1 wk Post-Op.

    I can not believe it has been almost a full week since surgery! I went in to the hospital on Wednesday November 14th, 2012 at 6 am got checking in to admissions, and then we headed to the elevators to head upstairs to the third floor. The elevator doors closed and then.... Nothing happened we (me and 14 other people) were stuck in the elevator for 35 mins. One guy called the fire department to let them know what was going on and they showed up and were very rude and wouldn't let us know what was going on. Eventually they got the doors open.

    I couldn't help but think if this was they way the rest of the day was going to go, I wanted to walk right back out the front doors and not look back. But I have great support there with me Isaac drove me there, My mom, dad, little sister and baby Niece were all there before I went into surgery and were there waiting for me after. 

    I went in to surgery at 7:45 am only 15 mins later than what they scheduled it for. I remember them saying they were going to give me some oxygen and to just breathe in and that was all. I woke up in my hospital suite and there was my family waiting for me. I took one walk with Isaac that night, and when my parents and sis and aunt came back to visit that night I took another walk. I was told Dr. Ben Meir fixed my hiatial hernia that was lot bigger that the upper gi showed. Which made surgery a little bit longer. But Im not quite sure how long the whole thing lasted or took. I remember being in me room and it was like 3 ish.

    This was the view from my hospital room suite. Downtown Cleveland.

    My second day there I thought I hurt my left shoulder lifting myself into the bed, so they took me to get an x-ray when they did my leak test, and everything looked fine. So I had to deal with the shoulder pain for another day, On Friday they came to removed my drain and Brook the PA said that sometimes the drain can get stuck on the diaphragm and can cause shoulder pain. and she said it would only take 3 seconds and she would be done removing the drain, it was going to feel like I was going down a roller coaster. I counted 1-2-3 and it was out and the shoulder pain was gone! Weird I know, but true.

    I was in the hospital for an extra day due to my heart rate being a little high, funny how it went down as soon as they said I could go home. I came home Saturday, Nov 17th. Sunday was rough I was tired and didn't want to do anything I couldn't get my fluids down and I just wanted to sleep. The past two days have been getting better. I can shower on my own, but I still get extremely exhausted from it. 

    Here are a couple pictures of my incisions:

    This is my ugly belly, it has a told of 5 incisions I believe. The one on the very top is where the drain was place underneath the gauze is a open hole that will lose on its own. I have to keep it covered until it scabs over.
    Second one with gauze and green wrap  is where they removed the round curvature  of my stomach, this is the most painful of sites, because it has the most traumatic things done to it. The other three are sealed up with internal stitches and glue on the outside. Now the lower dark spots you see are where I give myself Lovenox injections those are small bruises.

    This is an up close shot of the incision where they removed the round curvature  of my stomach. I was able to removed the gauze on Monday. Its all closed and healed.

    I weighted myself a day early this week I was planning on doing it every Wed. But I got on the scale this am just for giggles. And I weighed in at 267 lbs. My heaviest was in April at 309, surgery day I was 272, when I came home from hospital I was still 272. Today 1 week from surgery well 1 day away from 1 week from surgery I am at 267 lbs. a loss of 5lbs and  42 lb loss from my heaviest! I still am so happy I made this decision! 

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012

    6am... 7:30am!!!

    SO this is it!! I got my Magnesium Citrate down and lets just say its doing it job. LOL I have been keeping up with my fluids so I dont get dehydrated. Dinner tonight is Chicken stock mmm yumm-o! Ive called the hospital and they have me as the 1st surgery of the day! I gotta be there at 6am and surgery is at 7:30 am. 

    I have prepared for this moment for the last 9 months I could have had a baby in the time is took be to get to this point lol. Well lets get this over with first and then we can start to talk about that baby! :)

    I want to Thank my wonderful supportive and amazing boyfriend Isaac Welch, who has done nothing but been the best not only for the past 9 months, but for the past 3 years. With out him I'm not sure Id be able to be this strong. He reminds me daily of how strong I truly can be and it amazes me how much someone can truly love me.

    I want to say Thank you to my wonderful family for being so supportive and being there for me to listen to me vent and talk about all that is going on. and My mom and Dad and sister for being willing to be at the hospital for my support at 6am tomorrow morning.

    I want to say Thank you to Isaac's family for taking me in and making me feel like one of the family from the first day you all met me, and for supporting me in the life changing decision I have chosen to make. You all make me feel so loved and cared about!

    And Thank you to all my friends and Facebook friends and VST friends who have made these past few months go by so quickly. And thank you Facebook friends for welcoming my many many posts of this journey I am on and for being willing to lend me your words that mean so much.

    Thank you Stephanie, Robyn and my sleeve bff Sannah for talking to me and listening to me and answering my questions whenever possible. Sannah I know you will get your call soon and I will continue to be here for you through your surgery and after; you have become an awesome part of this journey for me and a wonderful addition to my life so thank you thank you thank you!

    And last but not least Thank you for all who so kind heartily donated/helped me raise the money I needed to have for surgery with out you this truly wouldn't have been possible your kind hearts touched me beyond my wildest dream and I cant say thank you enough!

    It is time to let the good times roll. 

    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    3 Days left...

    I have 3 days left of being the "FAT" me. I cant not believe how time has a way of sneaking up on us. I have been waiting and waiting for the past 2 months for Nov 14th to get here and here it is just 3 days away!

    I spent most of this Saturday shopping for things I am going to need post-op. And I went food shopping, liquids for me and solids for Isaac lol. I ordered 3 of my fav protein powders off line yesterday, 2 Syntrax Nectars: Lemon Tea, and Twisted Cherry, also ordered Unjury Strawberry Sorbet. So I am stocked up on protein for a little while. I went to Sam's club and got a huge case of water, propel zero packets to put in the water and crystal light packets, Oh and some milk and a case of Poweraid Zero and diet cranberry juice.

    I got all of this at CVS pharmacy minus my prescriptions. I got some travel sized shampoo, conditioner, lotion and face soap to take to the hospital with me. Some gas relief similar to gas x chewables for at the hospital and at home. My Lovenox injections down in the right lower corner are for preventing blood clots. I injection a day for 14 days. Prilosec is to reduced the acid that will be in my new stomach and I have to take that everyday for 3 months. I also found multivitamin chewables and in liquid form to try. They are similar to Centrum, but the CVS brand.

    As for the Gauze and Window bandages those are for my incision sites that will need to be cared for and covered while I shower. Like the drain site and where they pull out the portion of my stomach that is removed.

    I went to Dollar General and found the Magnesium Citrate that I will need to drink on Tuesday for my bowel prep. 3 bottles total they were only 1.25 a bottle compared to 2.25 at CVS, I got the grape flavor, but from what I hear it doesn't matter what flavor you get just get it nice and cold and drink it as fast as possible. I have to do 1 1/2 bottles at 10 am and the other 1 1/2 bottles at 1 pm. NOT looking forward to this at all. 

    Last stop of the a day was Walmart, I stocked up on some creamed soups and chicken and beef broth. I picked up two wire strainers in different sizes. Some tea bags for hot tea. Also got a tape measure so I can take my measurements as the days, weeks and months go by. Along with recording my weights I will also keep track of inches lost.

    I feel like I am as prepared as I can get right now I will have the next 3 days to make sure the house is clean and organized, so I don't have to worry about doing it while I recover. I'm gonna be getting my hospital bag together here soon. It's almost time.
                                                                                                 Days to go!

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    8 days and 12 hrs to go!

    A week has gone by since my last update. What have I been up to??

    Well surgery is scheduled for next Wed. Hoping it is the first one of the day and that I don't have to wait all day to get it done. I have been making lists and trying to prepare as best as I can, so I am comfortable when I come home from the hospital. Its going to be hard to stay in the hospital and be away from home and my animals. Zoey with not know what to do with out me home.

    To try and prepare I have been trying different protein shakes and drinks to see what I can stomach. Some have been good and others not so good hehe. Right now as I type I am trying Twisted Cherry Syntrax Nectar. It is pretty good, I mixed it with 8oz of water this time to see if it was a little sweeter than with 16oz and Duh it is!

    I also got a some more chocolate protein from Walmart again, in a 1.0lb bag. it was decently priced for the amount of servings you get out of the bag, So gonna try that this week,

    Also this week I am going to start my pre-op diet on Wed for 1 week. I will be doing two protein shakes a day, and a salad with some protein in it for dinner. Along with clear liquids if needed and  of course my drinking my water!! But also sugar free jello, broth, and zero cal/sugar free drinks like propel zero and vitamin water zero. Most surgeons have u do a diet like this for 2 wks before surgery however mine doesn't make you, so I am doing it myself to prepare myself for how life with be 2 wks post-op. I hope I don't get to crazy and get any bad headaches with this pre op diet its only for 1 wk so it shouldn't be to bad. We will see.

    This weekend I will be making a trip to Sam's club to stock up on clear liquids and protein, And be getting the house cleaned so I don't have to worry about it after surgery. I cant relax in a dirty house or feel comfortable.

    I am still in shock that its finally here. Back in Feb I never thought Nov would get here and its here.Time flew by and I cant wait to be on the losers bench with my friends. I know I have done well with losing what the doctor wanted. I believe it has prepared me for life after being sleeved! I am the only person who can make me succeed and I am only person who can make me fail. It is my time to succeed! It is my time to start living life they way I was supposed to live it. The things that are going to come from this make it so worth it.

    To the losers bench I go! Forever!

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012

    Another sample bag!!!

    Got my Syntrax Nectar sample bag in the mail today! 10 samples to try, I cant wait. The flavors look so good!! I hope that they are just as good as they sound! Here is what I got from MyBariatricpantry: 1 Syntrax sample bag comes with 10 samples in a variety of flavors for $17.99+shipping. They even gave me a gift! An extra double stuffed cookie packet!
    The flavors included were cappuccino, strawberry mousse, apple ecstasy, lemon tea, pink grapefruit, double stuffed cookie, twisted cherry, fuzzy navel, crystal sky, strawberry kiwi.
    For dinner tonight like promised I tried the Slim Fast Protein Shakes I found at Walmart. They have 180 calories, 20 grams of protein and 4 carbs per shake. Flavor was pretty good, I'd drink it again.
    I think I might have this protein thing down for now, but I think I gotta work on what foods give me the most protein, because my surgeon doesn't like us getting our calories from liquids, so eventually I'll have to cut back on the shakes and work in foods that are high in protein, like chicken and cottage cheese.

    Monday, October 29, 2012

    16 days away. . .

    So here I stand 16 days way from the best decision of my life!
    Am I nervous? Am I scared? Am I happy? Am I excited? Am I ready? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I have been getting emotional about it when I stop and think for a second that it is really happening. It is such a long process to go through, And I can see and understand why they make us go through it. It's a life altering change that we have to make sure our mind, body and soul is ready for.
    There is no way anyone could just jump into doing this. There is so much research do to, and so much to learn about the process and yourself. I am glad that my insurance company made me go through 6 months of a supervised diet. And I am glad I had to change the date my surgeon wanted to have the surgery (Oct 22nd to Nov 14th) because it gave me the extra time. The Extra Me time.
    I have ordered another new kind of protein samples to try hopefully they should be here Monday! A friend of mine told me about this website where I ordered Syntrx Nectar Sample bag, which comes with 10 samples to try! Cant wait to try something other than a Chocolate protein shake hehe. And I'm not a big fan of vanilla.
    So far I have tried Unjury Chocolate Splendor, love it. Got Premier Chocolate shake to try from Pre Admission Testing, it was okay I tried it at work on Friday for my dinner, it wasn't as good as Unjury. And I went to Walmart and bought EAS Myoplex Lite, and Slim Fast has a protein shake with 20g of Protein 170 cals and 4 carbs.
    Gonna try Slim Fast this week for sure.

    I tried EAS Myoplex lite over some ice on Saturday and it was pretty good. I am sure that I will get to the point where I become sick of the pre-made stuff and try my own mixes out! Just gotta get creative with it and go with the flow. I will try to get some decaf instant coffee to add to the chocolate mixes with blended ice next.
    And the count down continues...


    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Pre-op/ Pre Admission Testing

    Yesterday started at about 6 am. I headed to the St. Vincent Medical Building at about 7 am and I got registered, and started right away with the tests. First test was a breathing test to see if I was fit to go under anesthesia, I had to sit down in the chair and breath in to a tube that was attached to a computer that measured my breathing. Took a few deep breaths, huffed and puffed and blew. And passed the tech who did the test said you look great only thing it says is your breathing could be better with a little bit of weight loss and I looked at him and said well good things I am scheduled for surgery then huh!! he-he. I also got my incentive spirometer to practice breathing at home and I will need to bring it with me to the hospital.

    Next, I headed up the second floor and met with a really nice nurse and she asked me a bunch of medical questions and did my EKG which was prefect, I was kinda worried but I had one done a month a go and it was good too so I kinda knew it would be ok. After my EKG I went and had to get my blood work done, they were also very nice and got the needle in one the first try and no bruising today! 9 vials of blood!! I hopefully all of it comes back okay! I am sure it well! :)

    I then met with the PA for the surgeon and she asked me a million and one questions also lol and I asked her about my hiatal hernia, the upper gi in Feb showed a slight one, so he is going to be fixing that as well with my surgery!

    I had to meet with my doctor after all the poking and sticking of needles, he have me a prescription for Prilosec which I am already on and will have to take everyday for 3 months after surgery! and He gave me another one for 14 days with of 40mg injections of Lovenox. I will have to inject myself in the abdomen with it.

    Then they collected my $$.

    After that I had to small classes one was for hospital stay and what to expect the day of and days following in surgery. Tons of information I will need to reread over and over again. I have to do a bowel prep that is not going to be fun have to drink 3 bottles of Mag, Citrate the day before surgery and I am on a clear liquid diet that day as well. so its 1 1/2 bottles at 10am and 1 1/2 bottles at 1pm. Def not looking forward to this one bit.

    Last class was Dietary Info. so for everyone who is interested here is the basics of how I will eat for the next months or so following surgery:
    • Day 1: Clear Liquid (the day I begin drinking in the hospital)
    • Day 2-14: Full Liquids
    • Day 15-17: Semi Liquid
    • Day 18-28: Puree (Begin fluid rules and limit meals to under 30mins)
    • Day 29-36: Soft Transitional
    • Day 37-44: Transitional
    • Day 45-on: Regular
    The dietitian also gave me some samples to take home and I tried a few samples at the class, didn't like to many of them.

    So with all of this info, I am set to go. I started my shopping, I bought a few night gowns to wear when I get home and a comfy soft warm blanket for the hospital.. gotta stock up on liquids and vitamins and protein and I should be set!

    Monday, October 22, 2012

    Pre Op/ Pre Admission Testing 10/22

    Its here! Its here! After a busy busy weekend, Monday is here and its time to get ready and head to the hospital and start my pre op testing, I have to get my EKG done and some blood work done. Then comes all the millions and millions of information for post op care and living. Meet with the dietitan and my doctor. I did hear we get to try some samples of protein tho, so Im looking forward to that!

    I did get a few things off my surgery shopping list! I bought two night gowns for after surgery to slip on and a soft comfy blanky for the hospital!

    Yesterday, I finally finally tried Unjury Chocolate Splendor with 8oz of 1% fat free milk and used the imulssion mixer/blender to mix it up. I was so surprised at how it tasted. It was very good. Tasted just like low fat chocolate milk and it didnt have any bad smell or weird after tastes either! So I am happy with this flavor! :)

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    26 days and counting....

    26 days to go... I can do this... I had to go to the bank today to get my Cashiers Check to pay for surgery! Its due the day of pre admission testing! Which is Monday!
    Now that my bank account is empty! I want to Thank everyone who was able to help me with donations, even after the loan I worked so hard to get, I still needed $700, and I was granted a few donations totaling $245 that helped me out more than you guys will ever know! So Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you!!

    Wednesday, October 17, 2012

    Protein Protein Protein!

    So... Sunday night I ordered a Starter Kit from Unjury a highly recommended protein by doctors all over, it is medical quality protein that has been developed by a clinical dietitian. I've heard some good things about it from a few people and I thought I would give it a try and see if I liked it since after surgery I will need to get in as much protein as possible. Now with the Starter kit that I ordered I went with it because it allows you to try just about all of the protein powders that they offer. And it was a great deal I thought!

    So for $21.20 ($27.20 with shipping) I got 2 packs of each: Chicken soup, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Sorbet, and Unflavored. A Rubbermaid Shaker and a Food Thermometer because they recommend you don't mix protein powers in liquids that are over 140 degrees. Best of all its 21g. of protein per pack that's a ton of protein I think, I have heard a few people say that you can mix them in with water and crystal light and you really cant tell its in there, and you can mix them with ice and milk and make a milkshake out of it when you blend them. Also the unflavored can be added to foods like mashed potatoes and apple sauce. I am very excited to try them and to see what ones I love and don't love so much!

    I also  have Pre-op Testing "Pre Admissions Testing" Monday Oct 22! at 7am and I will be able to try a few different protein samples there as well.

    A friend of mine also mentioned to me Premier from Sam's Club is a good protein drink too. She said it taste just like chocolate milk and for 16 of them its like $25, so I will be getting a few of them. We just got a Sam membership a wk ago!! 
    And she mentioned Muscle Milk Light was pretty good. So I have a few options to try!

    After Pre-op testing I will do some shopping and post about what I bought and what I will be living off of before and right after surgery!

    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Lisa Lampanelli!

    So I have a few mins here and I thought Id share these videos I found on the Dr. Oz website through another video that was posted on Facebook. Every day that goes by and that counts me down to getting closer to having my surgery I know I am doing the right thing. This is a life style change and it is the tool that will save my life. I will still need to workout and eat right and live a healthy life style. Nothing about this surgery is going to be easy except maybe the clothes shopping after I lose the weight! HAHA!

    So Im going to post the videos of Lisa Lampanelli who has Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy  and has currently lost 80lbs with it. She talks about her reasons why she did the surgery in the videos. What a great woman. I'd love to see her upcoming stand up show!


    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    One month till my "Rebirth"

    So today marks the one month period. In exactly one month I will be having my WLS VSG! I am still so very happy that I made this decision and not a day goes by that I think otherwise. I dont even think that when I will be in pain I will be thinking that either. So as this month goes by I will be getting ready by making lists of things I need to do and things I need to buy before surgery. I want to make sure the house is as clean as I can have it before I go in so I dont have worry about when I come home.

    I got my Short Term Disability paper work from the surgeon the other day I will be off for 6 wks. No lifting pushing or pulling anything greater than 10lbs. EEeek! thats going to be hard. I still having gotten my pre op paper work from the drs office first letter they sent to the wrong address, and second letter who knows lol should maybe get it this wk for the right address. I dunno about them sometimes. I do know that I have to go to the bank this week and get my cashier’s check for $2716.89 to pay for my surgery. Crazy huh! I know but I KNOW I will be so much happier with this in my life.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    35 days and counting... UPDATE!

    4 days way from a month til surgery day... How do I feel you ask? Well... I am still very happy and excited with the decision I have made to have the VSG. I can not wait to have it over said and done with, so I can start living my new life as the new and improved Shauna 2.0 hehe. The Shauna 2.0 has so much to offer this world that Shauna 1.0 couldn't do because of this weight.

    I love the fact that I have joined a forum and become friends with some amazing women and I am able to go to them and them come to me for support and to talk to about things that I cant go to just anyone. They know what it is like to be over weight, to be "sleeved" and or to have to be going through the process of getting approved to be "sleeved". A few of my friends have even used the same surgeon I am using which makes it even more special.

    I hope that by me going thought this I am one day able to help someone else and touch someone else's life.

    The thoughts still goes through my mind on a daily basis of what will I  look like thinner, how will my mind handle me being thinner, and what will people around me start to say. Now I know I have not kept this a secret from anyone I have been quiet open to everyone  and to anyone who asks me about it. So I guess I wont know to deal with these questions until I'm actually living them. I do not care that people know about me having surgery. I does hurt me that people don't support me decision. You can not like what I am doing up support me!

    I have decided that I am probably going to do my own pre op diet since my dr doesn't have you do one. And I think It might be a good idea to do one to make sure my liver is small. The idea of a pre op idea is to shrink the liver so it is out of the surgeons way when we is going surgery. Most pre op diets are about a wk or 2 long and consists of liquids sugar free drinks. sugar free jello, protein shakes and about 800 a day. I think I will do it for a week up til my pre op testing and see if it helps any. Not sure tho I will ask at pre op testing on OCT 22 what they suggest.

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Loan Status: APPROVED!

    After a few days of worries and not being able to sleep, I was approved for a loan today; $2000 of the $2789 that I need is now taken care of! It wasn't for the full amount, but its for enough. It will help me immensely. But I am 100% sure that I can cover the rest of the amount I need with my paycheck on the 12th. It is all still feeling kind of like a dream, it really has not hit me yet what is about to happen in 41 days. 

    Pre-op testing is Oct. 22nd I still haven't gotten my paperwork in the mail for that, had to give them my address again, so they could mail it to the right place this time. I know I will need blood work done and an EKG other then that I have no idea whats going on that day. Lots of information will be giving to me.

    I am not ready to get all emotional and nervous about whats going to happen in 41 days and it will I know it will.  I'm just waiting for the storm cloud to burst  I guess lol I think it will probably the wk of surgery or maybe after pre-op testing when I need to start buying my post op diet items. Oh boy! what have I gotten my self in to hehe. 

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Loans $$ for Surgery!

    Let's just start this blog by saying that I am 100% blessed that I have health insurance and that I am able to have health insurance and that my surgery is covered by my insurance.I don't have to pay out of pocket for the whole thing. But I do need to come up with roughly little over $2700.00 to cover what the insurance wants me to cover. Which is better than $27,000.00. So I started the process of loan applications and filled one out tonight from a place I was told about during a visit with Diane my advocate. I hope its approved. I pray!

    I started filling out my STD (Short Term Disability) paper work for leave from work after surgery and I just got so upset because A. I didn't understand it or what they were asking me. B. I was probably rushing to fill it out. C. I need to have it in by Oct 13! and I didn't realize that. Ahh Here I thought I had a ton of time. And its flying by as we speak.

    I know everything will fall into place when it is meant to be but right now it just feels like everything is jumbled! and I don't like that. I am a planner.

    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    45 Days...

     Yep you guessed it. I'm 45 days away from Surgery Day!!  Yahoo! I thought it was going to go by pretty slow, but actually it has been going by pretty fast. I finally found out how much $$ I need to fork over on  the day of Pre-op testing which is Oct. 22 for Surgery . I'll need to pay little over $2,700 I know its a lot of money, but for the life it will be giving me  I'd pay double if I had to. I know people don't understand why go through with this surgery, but I feel like it is my last resort at a new beginning to finally keep this weight off for good. I will still need to change the way I eat which I have done a lot of already and I will still need to exercise too. This surgery is not a quick fix. It is not something someone should do if they do not plan on sticking to it. It is a life style change. And its a life style change that I have chosen to make to better myself and I don't care who knows about me having the surgery. I will tell the world. It is not a secret, I write my blog in the hopes that I will be able to help someone else one day.

    The other day I went into Walmart to look for some long-sleeved T's for the winter. Now I normally wear a 3x- 4x, so I thought I would get a couple 2x's for after surgery when I start to loss more weight and my long-sleeved T's I have now don't fit me anymore.  When I tried them on today they fit! I was shocked. I've been losing weight since February very slowly but losing and I haven't bought any clothes since then because I didn't want to spend the money. I was surprised to find out that those shirts I bought fit me. 

    More awesome news I have some wonderful/ amazing friends who have already been kicking ASS and working hard losing weight and are down a few sizes and donating their bigger clothes to their goodwill "ME" they have no idea how much this will help me out after surgery when the pounds come off. I was pretty worried about having to frequently buy clothes because of losing weight until I reach goal, but having friends who have already lost a significant amount of weight and willing to donate to me I feel so blessed!

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    Chapter 3: How to Cope with Anger

    I just finished reading Chapter 3:  How to Cope with Anger, in The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion. And in exercise #1 you are clarifying your feelings of anger and expressing them. I know what I am angry about and how I am going to deal with it. Even though someone in my past hasn't been a part of my present for many years the things I was put through by this person still linger.

     I fell in love with someone who I gave my everything to, and even from the beginning I know now that I should have never been with him. After we first met and hung out he called me that night and his first comment to me was, "Do you plan on losing weight?' Yes I was young and dumb and I wanted to be loved. Of course I plan on losing weight I thought to myself. I just thought that my weight was never going to be an issue with someone who said they loved me, he never really loved me for me, if he did he would have seen through the weight.

    I never seemed to do anything right when I was with him, I never had the support when I was with him like the amazing support I have now. He wanted me to join Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss and have his mom talk to me about the importance of losing weight before I have kids. But he was never there to help. Only to put me down. And when these attempts would fail me Id try to have a serious conversation with him about having WLS and he would say "You Don't Need Surgery To Lose Weight" instead of support me. So that thought was put of for many years. Until NOW :) Exercising when I was with him was another thing that bothered me and still to this day I don't enjoy it because of him. He would fight with me and yell at me about it, and say I was doing it wrong and or I wasn't doing it long enough instead of being my support it was always negative.

    So in order for me to finally put an end to these horrible memories I still have in my head and to the voice I can still hear play over and over again in my head I have decided to write a letter to this person. I am not going to send this letter, but I am going to instead have a type of ceremony before my surgery and burn the letter and whatever other memories I may have of the time I had with this person. Burn the memories and let the ashes fly away!

    I am in such a happy place right now that I can't let these memories continue to take up space in my mind and continue to make me second guess my decision anymore. I AM doing whats best for me!

    I have discussed this with Isaac the love of my life and he thinks that it is a wonderful idea and he encourages me to do it. He has been with me and supporting me every step of the way I could never possibly repay him for all that he has done and probably doesn't even know he is doing. But with out him I would be alone in this journey. I am with out a doubt the happiest I have ever been with him by my side as my cheerleader!

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012


    So, I've been thinking a lot the past few days, of what life is going to be like in 2 months. In 2 months I will have had my VSG surgery and be either at the hospital still or on my way home. Hope  that I am on my way home and that my hospital stay isn't to long. I am looking forward to going to sleep and waking up a new person. A brand new chance at life. A new Birthday to celebrate so to speak. 

    I have been wondering what it is going to be like to go shopping for the first time. How will my recovery at home go. Everyone is so different is it hard to expect you to feel and be the same as someone else. It helps for me to hear what others are/have experienced, but I still have tons of ?'s. How will it be for me?

    My support system is going to play a big part in how these questions get answered. I know they may not feel like they are doing much, but in my eyes they are doing wonderful. Hearing people close to me or  even a complete stranger who has or is going through it too,  say that they're proud of me for making this decision and taking charge of how my life plays out means the world to me. It means the world to me because I still struggle with me having it, because of the people who say, "You don't need it!", "Why have it?", "Do it on your own!" and the one that still gets me from years of mental/emotional abuse: " You DON'T need a surgery to help you lose weight!" Another statement that hurts me and upsets me is having someone say, "I am worried about you having surgery." Yes, I understand that it's a scary thing. Don't you think I am worried and worry too? But I am doing this for ME. To help ME not anyone else.
    • I am doing this, so that I don't have to take medications to live life.
    • I am doing this, so that I can run. Run and feel free!
    • I am doing this, so that I can be healthy and at a healthy weight to have the family I have dreamed of having since I was a little girl.
    • I am doing this, so that I can be more active as a parent that I was as teenager.
    • I am doing this, so that I can be around past my 30's-40's and 50's.
    • I am doing this, so that I can fit in to a wedding dress one day.
    • I am doing this, so that I don't have to shop in the Plus Sized (sometimes only two rack) section of a store anymore.
    • I am doing this, so that I can get on an airplane and not have to ask for an extension seat belt.
    Do not just tell me you are worried, explain to me why you are worried and what questions you may have, Ask! I can answer them as best as I can or find the answers out. But be proud of me for taking this step in MY life.

    I know there are always going to be people in your life/ in our world who are this way, but I guess all I can do is prove them WRONG! And not let it bother me or get me down.

    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    November 14th 2012

    So after yesterday and sleeping til 6 pm I was pretty bummed because I missed my call from "Sabrina" the scheduler at my dr. office. Today I made sure I got up on time and got ahold of her. My surgery has been schedule for November 14th .And Pre-admission testing is Oct 22 its an all day affair starting at 730am-3pm. Testing will consist of getting and EKG done and blood work for labs. Then back up to meet with my doctor to be cleared for surgery, the p.a. and my dietitian again to go over nutrition. I have asked Isaac to come with for an extra set of ears and moral support. I am going to be getting so much information thrown at me this day that I will need him there.

    I am beyond excited right now! I cant believe that in 2 months I will be really starting this Journey I have been working so hard to get to. It all seems so surreal right now.

    I have to make sure to keep the weight off that I lost during my 6 months of supervised diet and exercise with my dietitian or I will have to do a yucky 2 wks of protein drinks. I will contact my HR next week about Short Term Disability, to make sure I can have the time off work. Next Wednesday the 19th marks my 1 year anniversary at IBA! It will just be easier for them in HR if I to wait until I have my one year in to ask about S.T.D. I am going to be the taking 6 wks off of work, and could go back after 3 if feeling better.

    One of my best friends has been on this weight loss journey for a year now and she is doing an amazing job at it. I am so proud of her. We have decided to get together once a month for a girls night and cook a healthy recipe we wanna try. And I cant wait to get this started it will be so much fun. We are looking at starting this in October.  I am hoping it will give us both some more recipes to add to our boxes since both of our lifestyles have been changing for the better. And give us more time to spend together and chat about our emotional ups and downs of weight loss.