Wednesday, February 12, 2014

65 wks POST OP!!! 2 Days away from 15 months Post OP!

I will start this off with a comparison picture from Jul 2013 vs Feb 2014 I was 189-190 in Jul and am now 169 in Feb. 

I didn't even notice this, it was brought to my attention by Isaac. He had seen this picture on the automated picture frame I have running in the dinning room and noticed our vacation pictures from Jul. He asked me very kindly how much I weighed in that picture and guess at least 200 or over, and I said I don't know let me look it up.. To my surprise I was 189-190 around that time. Then I had to compare it to another picture from recent days to see the difference.

My weight loss has slowed down dramatically in the past few months. So This 20 lb loss has been one of the most drastic to see. I know I have my 300 lb pics vs now pics, but to see such a huge difference in 20 lbs amazes me!

I was stuck in the 170s for what seemed like for ever and I finally get out of them only to be stuck at a stall of 169. With that I decided to not weigh in on wed for a month... my next weigh in will be March 5th. I woke up today and wanted to weigh in the thought of not has been stressing me out. I have not missed a weigh in or not weighed in on purpose ever in the last 15 months.  This is going to take some getting used too, but I hope that with my working out and watching my calorie intake I will see results in the months end.

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