Wednesday, March 19, 2014

70 wks Post op and just over 16 months Post op!

I figured it was time for an update. I have been MIA for a while been upset with the scale and the weight not going where I want it too. So I took a step back from what I enjoy doing spreading the word of my journey and not participating in my groups on Facebook, I need a break to remember why I am doing this and what I am doing this for. ME! not anyone else simply ME!

Its been a crazy start to this wk. I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed on Monday and recovery has been pretty good, I cant complain. I was taken great care of on Monday when I was at the office and on my way home and at home.

I decided that while I was recovering from the wisdom teeth surgery I would do the 5 day "Sleeve" test. Now I am calling it this because I have a "Sleeve" not a pouch.

This is what I am following :

5 Day "Sleeve" Test

Day 1 & Day 2 Liquid Protein
  • Low-carb protein shakes
  • Broth
  • Clear or cream soups
  • Sugar-free gelatin and pudding 
The first two days are all liquids. You can have as many low-carb protein shakes as you like to satisfy hunger or cravings. In addition drink at least six 8-ounce glasses of water each day. The purpose of all liquids is to break any snacking, grazing or processed carbohydrate habits. In addition the liquids will work to cleanse your system and prepare you for the following three days. 

Day 3 Soft Protein            
  • Canned fish (tuna or salmon) 
  • Eggs 
  • Fresh soft fish (tilapia, sole, orange roughy. 
The next three days you get to eat as much as you want as often as you want! But there's a catch: it has to be solid protein and you only get 15 minutes each time you sit down to eat. No drinking 15 minutes before or 60mins after meals and no drinking with your food. A dry pouch will hold your soft protein longer helping you to feel full and fed longer. Measure your portion (1 cup volume or 4-6 ounces weight) and eat only until you feel full, not overfull. Remember we are going back to the beginning and fluids will prevent you from filling your stomach. If you need to add a moist condiment (Miracle Whip or mayonnaise) to the canned fish I understand, but keep it to a minimum, so the meat is not too moist. One reason we lose the sense of tightness in our pouch is that we eat "slider foods" - foods that are too moist and do not stay in the stomach very long, they slide right through the stoma. 

Day 4 Firm Protein
  • Ground Meat (Turkey, beef, chicken, lamb) 
  • Shellfish 
  • Scallops 
  • Lobster,
  • Fresh Salmon or Halibut
By now you should be experiencing that familiar tightness that will reassure you that your pouch is working. Remember to drink plenty of water between meals. 

Day 5 Solid Protein
  • White meat poultry
  • Beef steak
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Wild Game
Remember to chew chew chew. Measure your portion (4-6 ounces) and eat only until you feel your pouch tighten. Remember, only 15 minutes per meal, so you'll have to work fast to chew your food completely. By now you should be out of any carb cycle you were in and perhaps you have lost a pound or two. You will have new confidence in your pouch and your ability to work the tool for your health and emotional well being. Don't go hungry! Remember, you can eat as often as you want as long as it is solid protein, consumed without liquids and measured in 4-6 ounce portions.

I know this is a long post due to the plan I just copied here sorry if you dont want to read it all. It may help someone else in the future.

So I am on day 3 of this so called test, and I am kinda of scared to eat real food. I was doing good with my broth and creamed soups and jellos n puddings, but I am afraid to try eggs. Just dont want it to hurt my mouth hehe.  

Last wk I weighed in at 175 and I was very annoyed at that number so I decided to follow this plan for a wk. Monday I was 172 when I started the plan and today on Wed. Weigh In I am at 170.8!  5 lbs lost in a wk I havent seen that in a long time! very excited!

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