Wednesday, April 9, 2014

73 Wks Post-Op!!!

 Hello, hello, hello!

I am here to report some good news I suppose. Its Weigh in Wed Again! Just like every other Wed. I woke up and nearly forgot it was Wed. and I almost forgot to weigh in. Had to undress myself, because I had already started getting dress for work. Most of us on this journey weigh- in a certain way each week and or each time we weigh.  This is how my weigh- in's go. I get up, make sure I use the bathroom first and if I am going to shower I get completely butt naked and then jump on the scale. If I am not showering just yet, I will get down to my undies and then jump on.

I know we all have our own rituals to weighing in.. What are yours?

I am training with C25K again for the next 9 wks, I am finding it to be rather easy since I have already done it once, but I will have to see what happens after I start wk 3 when the running portion of the training gets LONGER hehe. I have one 5k paid for as of right now and that is the Electric Run happening in Cleveland on 20th of June.

I plan on doing a few more 5k's this summer prob a few local ones and maybe a few more bigger ones too.

I was thinking of giving the 5 Day pouch test another go. Since when I did it a few wks ago I had to stay on mostly liquids due to the horrible pain I was dealing with from having my wisdom teeth removed on St. Patrick's Day. Now that they are healed, I can eat whatever I want again, Not that I should tho.

Well things around the here are going okay. I will leave you with some pictures that I have posted on Facebook, so I am sorry if you have already seen them and are seeing them for a second time.

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