Wednesday, April 16, 2014

74 wks Post Op and 17 months Post op (4-14-14)

And Life must go on hehe....

Weigh in Wed. and I am well... you guessed it 169.2! Last wk 168.4. Am I forever gonna be at 169? lol. I know its my own fault because I probably follow the rules about 80% of the time. I snack (but I tend to make sure it had low cals. and good protein still don't think its good for me tho.)... I do have liquid calories mainly in my morning cup of coffee. 

And Dr. B's 4 Golden rules are... 
  • Eat 3 meals a day, no snacks, no grazing 
  • Don’t drink with your meals, or for an hour afterward 
  • No liquid calories 
  • Eat protein with every meal (20-30 grams) 
I am going to try and stick with 3 meals a day and no snacks.... I am no sure, if I can. I think that if I just make me meals heavier in the protein area like 30 g of protein that I will stay full long enough to not feel like I need a snack. 

I don't drink with my meals, and this I thought was going to be the hardest rule to live by and it was actually the easiest for me.

Liquid Calories.... I was great with this until I discovered COFFEE! Anyone know how I am make a great cup of hot coffee taste great and have less than 10-15 cals. per 1-cup?

As I said before the 14th of April was my 17 Month Post op Surgiversary. And you know what I did to celebrate it?? I went to my first support group meeting. Better late than never right!?!?  My surgeons office has Pre-Op and Post-Op support group meetings, every month and the Post -Op one is on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. This months meeting was on exercise. We talked about NEAT. NEAT stands for:

Examples of NEAT would be standing while you are working at a desk instead of sitting in a chair, you could have a standing station instead. If you are used to taking the elevator everyday to our office or appt, use the stairs. During commercials instead of sitting and fast forwarding through the DVR get up and do some jumping jacks or jump rope. If you are on your phone a lot and like to talk instead of sitting down and chatting get up and walk around. Park further way from the store. Getting you to burn more calories a day without even knowing it.

I have started a support group on Facebook for those of us who have Dr Ben Meir as a patient. To help us stay connected and stay focused. If I haven't added you and you want to be added let me know. It is a private group, so nobody but those of us in the group can see what you post. None of your information you share in the group will be repeated or posted to the public.

With this I leave you until next Wed. Have a great week!

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