Monday, July 14, 2014

20 Months Post Op Today!

Its been a while since I have blogged, not sure why I'll go with life! Life always seems to get the best of us and get in the way. Things have been pretty crazy around here I am trying to deal with Isaac being gone from home til the end of the year and only visiting on certain weekends. Its been rough, but I am managing! 

I started working out with the trainer towards the end of May and after my first session I was hooked. I love the workouts I get during our sessions. I just need to really start putting them to use on my own. 

In the last two months I have been struggling with weight gain and its terrifying. I was at 169 for the longest time and it stayed there for what seemed like forever. Then it crawled up to 172 and this evening (not my weight in day) I was 180. 180! are you kidding me! ahh not cool and not anyone's fault but my own. On Wed I was 178.6 which is my normal weigh day. I know I don't and shouldn't weigh more than once a wk but I knew what I was on Wed and it was then I decided I was going to do the shakes this wk and see what happens.

I have decided to go on liquid diet for few days with doing liquids all day until dinner. I pre-baked some chicken breast Sunday along with some Sweet Potatoes and Onions. I portioned them out for the wk and have dinners all set. I also went to Sam's Club and got some Strawberry's and Cream Premier protein shakes, I've been dying to try them and they were $4 off!, so I was very excited.

Since the summer started I have been looking and registering for 5k's that I see and think I would enjoy doing. So far I have done 

  • Cleveland Electric run on Jun 20th
  • Registered for Wigs for Kids Sat July 26th!
  • Thinking of the Cleveland Foxtrot in Aug. and also the Spartan Workout both are Aug 24th not sure what one I want to do.
Cleveland Electric Run 2014

I have to think of what I wanna do in Sept. and in Oct I am doing Roc the Croc again!

Being active is so much more fun now, I enjoy finding new things to try as well.

Wish me luck this wk and here's to hoping that I can get back on track and stay focused!

HW 309lbs
SW 272lbs
CW 180lbs
LW 169lbs

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