Monday, August 11, 2014

3 days shy of 21 Months Post Op

3 days away from being 21 Months Post Op.  end of last month really gave me a big scare. While I was at my Personal Training session on 29th of July I experienced my 1st Exertional Headache. I thought at first it was just a random migraine, until it happened again on Thursdays workout. So Friday I was able to get into my PCP, she had a CT scan done and it was normal, then told me I needed to see a neurologist to be cleared to workout again.

I am able to run/ jog or walk if I need too, but no more high intensity workouts til I was cleared by the Neuro.

I thought today I was going to meet with him and him tell me I was just getting Exertion Headaches, how to treat them and then say I can go back to working out. But He requested an MRI be done just to be sure that there isnt anything else causing the headaches. I can understand better be safe than sorry, but I wanna workout hehe. Once my MRI is done (I was able to get it scheduled for 8-21 the soonest appt available at the drs by my house) I can get back to working out and ease into it..  Treatment of Exertion Headaches that I am experiencing is just to take ibuprofen before my workouts and that should stop one from coming on.

Just an update for all those who care to read.

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